Wednesday, January 31, 2007

An introduction

This is a big step for me. I'm taking my shared thoughts out of the meeting rooms and putting them up for the world to see. I've not been in recovery very long and journaling is a big part of the recovery process in Al-Anon. So by having this blog, I'll be providing a journal not only for myself but perhaps for others out there who have had to deal with alcoholism in their lives. It's not a pretty story by any means. I'll be telling part of my story here but for now I'm just glad that I took the step to start this online journal.

I've been to two meetings this week. One was a small one in which I ran into an old friend who I never knew was struggling with the effects of alcoholism on her "qualifier". In Al-Anon, we have to have someone in our lives who is affected by alcoholism. These people can be called our Alcoholic, our Qualifier, our Loved One, etc. The other meeting was larger and one of the ladies in the group told her story. It was poignant and yet filled with hope. Another thing about Al-Anon is we share our experience, strength and hope. I've had the experience, I'm gaining strength to take care of myself and I'm hopeful that I will gain serenity and peace.

If you don't know much about Al-Anon, then visit the website
You'll find a lot of good information that will tell you what the organization is about, how to find a meeting, etc. This journal is for me and maybe you so that you can see where I've been and hopefully follow where I'm going.


  1. The greatest reassurance from one Al-Anon in recovery is to reassure a newcomer that they are loved. I love you, Syd!

  2. Thanks for those kind words. I appreciate the fellowship of Al-Anon more than you know.


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