Saturday, February 10, 2007

Going to an AA meeting

If I can't make an Al-Anon meeting, I look up a nearby AA meeting and go to that. I did that this evening and was glad to go because it was a study group meeting in which participants read Into Action from the BB. What I've come away with is a sense of peace and calm. In the sharing, I get a different perspective from the alcoholic. In this group there were several people who were struggling to stay sober. One had slipped after quite some time but picked up a white chip. I am always mindful that the alcoholic is just one drink away from disaster. Some would say that they are only one drink away from death. I am thankful that the ones that I love are staying sober for today.

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  1. I wish I had much more awareness of this upfront and had gone to some AA meetings. My husband was sober for a year when we married and then I was really certain he would never slip or relapse. He did 3 years later, hard. It has been very hard for me to accept.


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