Monday, March 26, 2007

You know that you're recovering when.....

I've been talking with my sponsor about the great peacefulness that I've been feeling. It is lasting for days now instead of just a few hours that I used to have. My sponsor thinks that the peaceful feeling is due to acceptance and my willingness in the program. So I thought that I'd post some things that I think are indicative of recovery. I'm sure that most of you can think of many more. Just add them if you want to.

You know that you're recovering when:

1. You get up in the morning and actually look forward to the day

2. You can have conversations with your alcoholic that have nothing to do with alcohol.

3. You can laugh again and actually mean it.

4. You can actually sleep through the night.

5. You enjoy your own company

6. You can walk away from arguments without buying into them.

7. You can be around alcohol at parties without becoming anxious

8. You have learned to say No to things in order to simplify your life.

9. You don't feel guilty about saying No.

10. You're not dwelling on the past or anticipating the future but just enjoying today.

A year ago I wouldn't have thought that the things above were possible since I was so stuck in my self pity and denial. Although I've gotten better, I still know that the journey is a life long process.

"A big step toward maturing is to realize that I cannot change conditions by running away from them. I can only change my point of view about them and their relationship to me--and this can be done only by changing myself." (from One Day at a Time, p. 214)


  1. I like #10 best, I find it the hardest thing to do but when I manage it I an truly happy. Theres nothing like living in the moment :-)

  2. When I disagree with someone and do not need to label them as difficult or "toxic", but take responsiblity for my own behaviors, and not theirs.


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