Tuesday, April 17, 2007

How do you explain insanity?

I've been listening to the news reports on the shooting at Virginia Tech. I know that there are lots of people out there who are on the brink of sliding completely into darkness. But how do you explain someone like this? Disturbed, insane, sick, suicidal are all words that come to mind. Whatever it was it became a horror show for many people.

In the face of the sadness that I feel inside, I think that I need to express my gratitude today for:

1. Waking up this morning still living and with a relatively sound mind and body
2. Believing that in the days and weeks ahead there will be some comfort for the loved ones of those slain
3. Never wanting to pick up a gun to shoot anything since I killed squirrels when I was a kid
4. Those individuals that I love who are safe and sound today
5. Having a meeting tonight
6. The fellowship in Al-Anon and AA that helps us face fears and resentments.

I can't say much else today. I'm just thinking about the parents and students and staff whose lives have been forever changed by a moment of insanity. I am hoping that there is peace and serenity for them soon.


  1. Beautiful, simple, eloquent...thanks for just being YOU today, Syd!
    love and HUGS

  2. Thanks for this post, Syd. They have all been on my mind, too. It can be a crazy and very violent world at times....still we seek to see the good in others.

  3. Yep there are plenty of crazy people out there. I have been helped by reading stuff about the shadow when it comes to looking at this type of behavior. I believe we all have the capacity to discover ! terrible things about ourselves depending on what we focus on. if I were in military combat. for instance and was required to kill others to survive, I think I would get to see some very ! dark places in my mind. We all have a shadow nature, but we don't get to see it very well if we choose to live a wholesome life. I believe those people are very caught up in that aspect of their condition, due to habitually negative behaviors, and do these things in an act of desperation to relieve the suffering that is building up inside them. I believe it is simply overwhelming for them and they blindly follow the tendency because they can see no other way of finding satisfaction. they are very sick people, and they create huge amount of suffering for themselves for many lifetimes for performing such an act. its very sad. They may put an end to their body, but they do not put an end to their suffering or their newly acquired karmic debt. Well that's how I see it anyway.
    I hope the victims are able to deal with their suffering as best they can too. Nice post Syd. As usual!

  4. thank you for this sensitive loving post, the world needs more people like you dear one.

  5. Some things in life we just cannot understand..I have been rumbling these thoughts around in my head today too..gratitude is what keeps me grounded.I appreciate you sharing yours here Syd.
    Thank you for sharing your hope.


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