Saturday, April 14, 2007

I'm tired but feel so good

I just got home after a day at the roundup. It's late so I'll just give a brief overview and post more tomorrow. This morning at 10 AM was the Al-Anon speaker, Larcene from CA. She was an incredibly good speaker and had a message that applied to everyone there. After that was a nice cookout followed by a mini-meeting with Open Discussion on how to turn negative thoughts and actions into something positive. After that was another mini-meeting on AA and its current status: how to preserve it for the future. At 8 PM, Tim T. from Cleveland told a dynamic story that was filled with laughter and tears. I'm completely saturated at the moment and will write summaries tomorrow. Right now, I need to wind down, do some reading before going to sleep, and thank my HP for placing me in the midst of this group. I am very grateful for meeting so many friendly people and for having an opportunity to soak up the spirit and message of AA and Al-Anon. It was an experience that will be with me for a long time.

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