Thursday, May 17, 2007

The show early this morning

After we were done with work at midnight, the ship slowed and basically we were just adrift. The captain put on all the night lights focusing on the water. It wasn't long before there were flying fish jumping through the air and squid swimming all around the ship. These critters were then chased by an entire pod of bottle-nosed dolphins. They were leaping out of the water and chasing the flying fish. It was quite a spectacular show.

Seeing something like that makes all the tiredness leave you. It is so exciting to see something like that. I've always been mystified by critters attracked to the lights at night. Moths are attracted to lights and these oceanic organisms were in the spotlight as well. Tonight we might try doing some dipnetting to see what we can collect over the side.

Hope that everyone is enjoying their hAAlf nAAked Thursday.


  1. What a beautiful way to end a long shift, Syd.
    Miss you and the man-plant on HNT.

  2. How much do you wanna make a bet you will you find a half naked Daave fish in that net tonight!

    I just love love love to read about peoples journeys Syd and yours is certainly one who takes it literally..! lol

    Here's wishing you lots of discoveries I am heading back to the gallery to see if anyone knows how to steam Kel and I up a nice hot latte so we can kick back on deck tonight to watch the squid eat half naked Daave

    Loving the journal from the seas:)

  3. *galley..not gallery! that coffee I smell already!?

  4. Very Very nice word-picture, Syd! Reminds me of my recent close-up sighting of a prairie dog while passing through Utah. We sort of surprised each other ---- it looked up at my Jeep --- opened its mouth in a silent scream --- hoisted its tail high in the air, and ran for cover! Toooooo funny. Hope you can get some pictures of the dolphins. Love ya; be safe.
    Anonymous #1

  5. It is not good to covet my neighbor's cruise, but I am coveting Syd's cruise.

    Your post reminded me of my late brother in law named Syd. My brother always called him "Syd the Squid."

  6. Syd,
    I hope you remembered to pack a camera with you. How exciting! I'm an armchair traveller! Oh, the places I've been through the eyes of my blogging buddies. Take lots of pics.
    Wishing you a safe, healthy journey!

  7. I can't imagine that kind of show, must have been awesome!

  8. Cool!! Loved your discription. What a fab experience


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