Sunday, October 28, 2007

A sad occurrence

I learned tonight that one of my Al-Anon friends lost her granddaughter in the tragic fire in North Carolina. I was out on the boat most of yesterday and today so didn't know about the fire until this evening. Evidently, it was a between semester party for college students from University of South Carolina and Clemson. A fire broke out in the morning today and several occupants of the house died.

My Al-Anon friend has had a rough year because she lost her husband and now her granddaughter. I was talking with my sponsor about how lucky I feel to be alive after all the "near misses" that I've had in my life. Sometimes I wonder how I'm still around and a young person such as this college student has died. My sponsor expressed that he sees this as not something directed by God but as a terrible accident. Yet, he sees that God is there to scoop up the souls of those who have perished in order to take them to a better place. That is comforting to me.

I don't see my Higher Power as being vindictive or harsh. I see the God of my understanding weeping for the lost ones, those who have left too soon. And I see my HP comforting those of us who are left behind to grieve and try to make sense of the tragedies that happen.


  1. Syd- I am so sorry for your friends loss. The loss of a child or a grandchild and under such tragic circumstances is just to awful to bear. I admire your stregnth and positive outlook on things like this.


  2. I am so sad for your friend. What your sponsor & you said about God is so comforting, & I agree.

  3. this is a tricky topic, but I think you put perfectly.
    I am also sorry to hear about your friend's loss's ... she and her family are in my prayers
    : )

  4. Syd, I did not know that you knew my HP! But you've described him.
    Mans free will causes all kinds of disasters, and I think God is so saddened by them. I hope your friend lets Him hold her close thru this, I believe he is the comforter...when we allow him to.

  5. How sad. I am glad your friend has friends like you to hold her up through these hard times.

  6. that's a good way of looking at it. i've often wondered why god 'takes' such young people, but you put it very nicely there! and i'm real sorry to hear about your friend!

  7. yes thats how I prefer to see my God and how He is

  8. I'm so sorry for your friend's loss. That was such a tragic event for those kids and their families.

  9. Sorry for your loss, when others die, or are dying, it brings me in touch with my own fragile self, and others. Sounds gloomy, doesnt it, its true we are only here for a short time, but we can pack so much in there!

    I too question God at times as to why things happen, all I know is that if I understood God, I would be God. So I try not to understand things that are much bigger than me...

    I dunno, I am not trying to offer advise or wisdom, you just sparked a thought off in me.

    I am glad you see HP as gentle and good, I agree with you :) my experience of God in me, is gentle and good.


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