Saturday, October 20, 2007

Wooden ships on the water

I spent this afternoon at a wooden boat show. There are exhibits of all kinds of wooden boats from along the east coast. Some are small and some are larger restored vessels but all are exhibited with pride.

One of the favorite things for me at this show is the boat building contest in which a couple of people have to build a boat in a certain length of time and then row that boat along a course. There needs to be a lot of teamwork to accomplish building a skiff in 3 hours or so. Some are father and son teams, others just friends. It's great to walk through and see people working at putting something together and then hoping that it will float.

There's just something special about having to work side by side with someone to build something, whether it be a boat, a marriage, or the program that we work. I thought about what happened at the gate house in Akron, Ohio between Bill and Dr. Bob. I thought about what makes a marriage and how it is built on sharing. I also thought about my sponsor and our relationship and what we've managed to put together that has helped us both. It's the teamwork. Kinda nice when you think about it.


  1. The town where I live is home to the oldest working boat shop. Perhaps you have heard of it.. Lowell's Boat Shop.

  2. nice post syd. there is a fascinating act of synergy when two people work together.

  3. Nothing is better than knowing that you are not alone in your life...I just have a problem REALLY seeing and beliveing that...


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