Thursday, November 15, 2007

The book of wisdom

I'm glad that it's Thursday. I'm more or less recovered from my cold but still don't feel completely over it. I have a staff meeting tomorrow that I'd rather not attend. After that, I have some odds and ends to finish up and then I'm going to get some rest.

I hope to be able to get out on the water this weekend, maybe taking Compass Rose along with a row boat so that I can get to shore. There's a couple of islands near the city that I'd like to visit. One is the bird rookery that is now open for people to walk on it. The other is the site of an historic fort. Not to mention, the water is too cool to swim to shore anymore.

I'm going to take along Into the Wild with me to read. I read it a long time ago but want to re-read it again. I did finish the Short Bus by Jonathan Mooney. It was a profound book. My favorite chapter was the one about Mike and his Book of Wisdom. Here's some words of wisdom:

All that has
offended me I forgive.
Within and without
I forgive things past,
Things present, things
Future I forgive.
I forgive everything and
everybody who can possibly
Need forgiveness.
Of the past or the present. I forgive
positively everyone. I am free
and they are free, too.
All things are cleared up now
Between us now and


  1. those ARE words of really live them, though, is tough!

  2. God i love that poem, the more forgiving and humble i am the more serenity i have.

  3. At least you don't have a...
    staff infection!

  4. Forgiveness.

    I read this in a book one time. .

    "To know to forgive everything".

    (that saved me literally 100s of times the last 20 odd years to not succumbed to deeply in depression when I had 'Expectation' from others that did not materialize.)

    I figured no one wanted to do wrong .. they must have their own demons (nature/nurture thing) going on.


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