Sunday, November 18, 2007

District meeting and other things

I went to the District meeting on Saturday and after some discussion the group voted to have an Al-Anon Information Service for our district and to rotate the phone service. I was glad that there was positive discussion and that the group decided to move forward with some things that will offer opportunities for service to more members and will provide more information for people within our district.

After the meeting, I headed to Compass Rose and went out on her for an overnight. I towed along a little aluminum boat Oardacity. The boat came in handy for a trip to one of the islands near where I anchored for the night. On Sunday morning, I got up early and rowed Oardacity to the island. There was hardly any wind and it was cool enough to walk the entire length of the bird sanctuary without getting eaten up by gnats.

I found a pottery shard during my walk. It is obviously old with a mast of a schooner on it. Just a piece of the past but beautiful nonetheless. I have a number of pottery shards and pipe pieces that I've found on my property. It seems that much of this historical place has yet undiscovered archaeological finds. They may not be treasure but interesting.

I hope that everyone had a good weekend. Mine was full of life.

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