Friday, November 2, 2007

The Ox

Hmm...I always thought of myself as a Tiger but I'm an Ox according to the Chinese Zodiac. I've never much believed in these things but this description is pretty accurate. Thanks Shadow for the idea.

Oxes may appear docile, but watch out! They also have quite a temper. They are extremely determined and work tirelessly to get what they want (for sure I can relate!) . Step by step and piece by piece, they move steadily toward their goals. People born under the sign of the Ox are dependable and stick to a routine until the job is done. They are fair-minded and good listeners, but they can also be extremely stubborn.(yeah, sometimes I need to be hit over the head but eventually get it).

Because of their trustworthy character, Oxes will often hold positions of authority and responsibility. They always get ahead in the world. They must be careful not to become slaves to their jobs or profession (Thanks to the program, I have learned to unslave myself) . Oxes can be forceful leaders and eloquent speakers when the occasion arises. In troubled times they will have great presence of mind and will never be intimidated (I'm generally fearless about most things that I believe in). They are very proud souls (one of my character defects). Oxes are systematic and respect traditions. They mistrust things they don't understand,and they hate loose ends.They can also be vulnerable in romance (how true, how true). They are so straightforward that they don't relate to the love games others play. Since it takes a long time to develop intimate relationships, Oxes like long courtships. Once they have made up their minds, they are loyal and giving-almost to a fault (see yesterday's blog on this one).

Ox people are neat and punctual, honest and hard working. Oxes make ideal mates since they always do more than their share (maybe the stars were aligned against me but thankfully I found Al-Anon). They have a long memory and remember the little details others miss. Once Oxes are angry with you, they will carry their grievance a long way (resentments are the main problem). When they are unhappy or upset, they will bury themselves in their work until they feel better(When I got busy, I got better). Oxes always pay their debts. If they owe you anything, they will never forgive themselves until the debt is paid. They always remember a favor, and though they don't use flowery words,they will show their appreciation in other ways. Their actions speak louder than words (sometimes that's so true).

When Oxes lose their temper, they really lose it! There will be no reasoning with them, so get out of their way until they cool off (I seldom get really angry but when it happens, it's quick and harsh). Always appeal to the head rather than to the heart of the Oxes. They quickly understand the pros and cons to the situation. Oxes seldom get sick and are not tolerant of weaker people. They should learn how to relax more (I'm learning this one more and more).

Oxes hate to ask for help. If it takes them twice as long to accomplish something, they still prefer working alone (the aloneness thing again--that's been my way). They want things to last and build them with care. Oxes love their home and family and provide well for them. They do well at long term investments with stability and firm foundations. They are definitely not gamblers. Oxes earn their success by their own merits and don't expect any free rides.(never have gotten any free rides and still feel that hard work is what gets me where I need to be).

Pretty interesting stuff. Now I'm going to leave work early, go goof off for a few hours, and head to....the local fair where I'll eat some fried lard, go on some silly rides that are put together by people who have poor dental hygiene and questionable IQ's, visit the livestock exhibit to pet the cows and sheep, get kissed at the top of the Ferris wheel (hopefully) and go to the Fun House. So I'm really going to be a Tiger for an evening.


  1. So glad you looked up your own. If anything it was fun.

  2. Whew!
    And now, another roller coaster?

  3. so, you're an ox like hubby...

    have a super weekend!

  4. I'm a tiger..and I have to agree..hit the nail on the head.
    Have a great weekend. Nothing wrong with an ox.

  5. I'm a dog. And its true.

    Have fun on the ferris wheel:)

  6. I'm born in 1961 so I'm an OX..too!!!

    Worse yet.. LOL.. I'm also Taurus the BULL. (so doubly determine and want to do all on my own- I won't even get a sponsor.. lol. :) ) I'm dependable and I do think more cerebral than from the heart (I'm practical but romantic)..

    An Ox and bull is the same animal.. so everything is indeed double. LOL.

    Luckily on the cus of Aries.. so I am a bit creative.. I'm starting an art group artsanonymous for fun soon. I used to love to draw and I write poems all the time. (all mediocre but that is the Aries side)


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