Sunday, January 27, 2008

Oyster festival: A major drinking event

I went to the area's oyster festival today. There were about 12,000 people in attendance. And there were thousands of pounds of oysters consumed. One of the announcers said that there were a record number of kegs of beer consumed as well. I can believe all of that based on seeing the tables of steaming oysters and the huge air inflated Budweiser cans that greeted people as they walked on the grounds.

I enjoyed the festivities, especially having oysters on a beautiful sunny afternoon. There was also good music played by a couple of local bands. I guess that the only negative at the event occurred when I was walking out and there were several drunk couples who were arguing with each other. One fellow was getting verbally abusive with his lady friend and another guy was yelling at his girlfriend on his cell phone telling her that he wanted her to come pick him up because he was too drunk to drive. I was thinking about how the recipients of the drunken outbursts must feel. One reaction that came to mind was : "Sure, honey, I'll drive as fast as I can through the largest traffic jam in the area to pick up your sorry drunken butt".

I'm glad that I haven't gotten one of those phone calls in a while. Or had to argue about who was going to drive the car after a party. Those were wild insane times that I'd rather not revisit, although the reminders sometimes surface especially at events where massive amounts of alcohol are consumed. I'm happy to have taken some interesting photos and gotten home without an argument or any other negative consequences. I just hope that others were so lucky.


  1. Yes I can remember those kind of events and using it as an excuse to drink to my hearts content. Usually by the end it was me doing the yelling. I never wanted to long as there was alcohol left..and my husband did. This weekend, he asked me to be the designated driver for him and a buddy. What a difference a few months can make.

  2. I recall those events too. I / we used to go to Christmas parties and Thanksgiving parties at the beach and eat steamed oysters and Beaufort Stew. And talk about the barbeque (pork not chicken), all great stuff.

    I no longer drink. Stopped when I found out the situation about my wife. I am just very grateful now, that the hostility from drinking is GONE!. We cannot visit these places any longer, as they may be a trigger for a relapse.

    Maybe some day we can go back to these fun places.

    Joe -

    PS - great pics

  3. gosh oysters sound GOOD to me right now!
    I hate all the drama around big drinking events though, I'm glad you got to have some drama free fun.

  4. How big were those huge oysters?

  5. "Sure, honey, I'll drive as fast as I can through the largest traffic jam in the area to pick up your sorry drunken butt".

    What a breath of relieve that you don't have to feel that urgency caused from this disease that affects so many of us in different ways. I know and see how Mitch can come home today and not worry what he is coming home to now that I, we, are on a different path.

    Glad you had a good time and got to observe all of the activities.


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