Sunday, January 6, 2008

Walking and walking

The weekend had beautiful weather, calm seas, and lots of exercise. I anchored the sailboat and went ashore on Morris Island to make a good oak fire on Saturday night. It was chilly but the oak logs burning made it toasty warm.

The island where I anchored has an interesting history. It was locally known as a coffin island due to a leper colony on the island before the Civil War. During the war, it was the site of a confederate installation against which northern troops launched an assault. The fort was held by a small garrison of Confederate Infantry and Artillery An assault force led by the the 54th Massachusetts, an experimental black regiment of free men from the North went in with fixed bayonets to storm the fort. Fighting was fierce. The Federals were able to occupy a small portion of the fort and the 54th. planted its colors atop the parapet. After lengthy hand to hand fighting, the Federal troops were ordered to withdraw, leaving Wagner in Confederate hands. Losses were heavy. Eventually, Battery Wagner was abandoned.

Due to alteration of flow after the harbor jetties were built, erosion has taken its toll on the island. The location of the old fort and the lighthouse keeper's house and outbuildings are now gone and underwater. It's an interesting place with a wide beach in some places but evidence of lots of erosion with high scarps. There's not a lot of vegetation--mostly scrub oak, cedar and myrtle.

It was an interesting long walk. I'm not sure but think that I walked close to 6 miles. The old lighthouse is being worked on to shore up it's base and construct a cofferdam to stabilize it. It must have been an interesting childhood to grow up on this island that is isolated.

And it still is relatively isolated. In fact, the great thing is that there were only six people encountered on my walk since the only way to access the island is by boat. I came back to Compass Rose tired but totally relaxed. Today I'm a bit stiff but it's a good feeling. The weekends are just too short. I need a day just to rest up from my activities.

Today I'm grateful for:
  • A visit to the chiropractor to ease my aches
  • Having a step study meeting tonight at my home group
  • The beautiful weather over the next several days
  • Having peace of mind that comes from acceptance and humility
  • A sponsor who sets me back on the ground when I go too far into the air


  1. Hi Syd!
    Happy New to the high lovely :)

    Me stopping by to ask if you and the peeps can share the love over at Kels..she needs lots right now!

    I will be back for another visit sometime soon so save me a place along the beach with our peeps :)

  2. That sounds wonderful, being on that island, with the fire going. You're so lucky you have a boat & can sail off like that. Interesting history, thanks for sharing.

  3. I just love history...that must have been a great walk. I do envy you your great weekends...esp. the solitary ones.

  4. It feels good just to read all this.


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