Monday, February 11, 2008

Get what you need

"You can't always get what you want
And if you try sometime you find

You get what you need"

M Jagger/K Richards

I've found that there is a big difference between wanting what I want and needing what I want. I might want a new car, a bigger house, a larger boat but do I actually need those things? In reality, there are only a few things I actually need. Those are things like a roof over my head, food to eat, and a way to earn enough money on which to have those things.

I know that I used to think that all the material things I wanted would bring me happiness. That wasn't the case. All it did was reinforce frustration and create envy. Maybe I was wanting the wrong things. Or maybe I wanted them too much.

I've thought about this a bit since being in the program, and I've concluded that maybe it's okay to know what we want and have a passion to move in that direction. As long as I'm not envious or sink into a mindset of being needy, then I think that having goals and pursuing them is healthy. I just have to remember not to take things so serious that wanting becomes the driver. Wanting is a very powerful thing, but becoming so attached to what we want only causes emotional distress.

I've read that the more a person wants something, the more stress is created from the thought of not having it. This creates a mindset around what is lacking in my life instead of a mindset of abundance. If I decided instead though that I was okay with not having what I wanted, but tried to get it anyway, I would be better off and not obsessed. Once I realized that what I want may come in many different ways, some not so obvious, and will come in time as my HP sees fit, then I gain power and my mind quits obsessing. I can now trust that what I want will come to me in some form or another. And it may be just what I need.


  1. that some cool thinking there. good point you made. i agree that wanting something too much causes obsession, which causes stress, which causes unhappiness.

    hubby, my friend and i were having a conversation this one night, when she said that i'm not motivated by money. hubby immediately disagreed. it took a while to explain to him, that when there is money, i obviously can and will buy things i want. after all, if you are in the position to enjoy satisfying your wants, why not do so. as long as the needs are taken care of sufficiently. that's the important thing to me now. the basics must be right. in every aspect of my life. and only then can i achieve happiness.

  2. My wife and I early in our now 18-year relationship realized that we found each other and fell in love with each other as soul mates and were not perfect for each other within our own egos. The perhaps disturbing but deliciously accurate theme song of our relationship we agreed from the start was You Can't Always Get What You Want. Did I get what I need? I don't know. Maybe I'll never know.


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