Monday, February 25, 2008


I've been asked to sponsor someone in the program and this is both exciting and daunting. I think about how much more I need to learn. I wonder if I'm ready for guiding this person. I hope that I have the wisdom to work with another as my sponsor has done with me.

And that has turned my thoughts to imperfections, mainly mine. Having expectations of perfection in myself and others is unrealistic. I know that and yet I can punish myself or another through comparison, smugness, and judging.

I've felt it necessary many times to justify what I was doing, rather than just accepting that I'm okay and that I don't owe explanations to anyone but my HP.

I am telling myself that there is no perfect way, only God's way. No comparison, no perfection, no judging, just an open mind, humility and acceptance.


  1. When you put your hand on another's shoulder, God puts his hand on yours and the transfer is complete.

  2. from what i read here, i think you'd make a great sponsor. not everyone gets on with everyone, that's just life. but give it a shot. you have so much to give... i'd love you to be my sponsor, you could take me on boat trips, heee heee heee

  3. You know my sponsor is imperfect and has eons of humility. She is real, it is something I was so drawn too. She knows she does not have all the answers but can help to show one how to get closer to her (his) God. One of her other sponsees is "stretching" her. She is learning from her own sponsees how to adopt a new form of tolerance and patience.

    Obviously you have something that someone wants. Your paths are meant to cross for some reason right now. Your spiritually grounded, and perhaps this is an opportunity for such a foundation to thicken.

    I think it is awesome what you are expressing here. You are honest and not pretending to be a super-sponsor. An open mind, that is huge. Thanks for sharing this.


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