Saturday, February 2, 2008

Step Studies

I really like step studies. It may be my academic tendencies but there's something that really appeals to me about methodically going through the steps, reading literature on a step, answering questions and discussing each step. It's just comforting knowing that by studying and putting into practice each step, I can get better. And it's a wonderful thing to see the light finally dawn in me or someone else when we finally get it.

Last night was a study of Step Two--Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity. There were about 45 people at this meeting. And you could hear in the sharing, gems from those who got it and were passing it on to those who are still struggling. One fellow said that this was his third meeting, and he wanted to feel the serenity that he could see on the faces of several that shared.

I felt that same thing when I started. There was an eagerness and a willingness to take in all that I heard and to have what others had. And every time I go to a meeting I am grateful for the serenity that I do have and for the hope that I hear from those who so honesty share. Staying in this day with a lot of gratitude.


  1. I love the step meetings to, my home group goes through the steps using the big book, and a tradition each month. I echo your gratitude and hope it gave us and gives others, have a good weekend

  2. that sounds like a good meeting!

  3. This is what I receive from my stepsisters meeting and am hopefully able to give as well. You put it into words perfectly.

  4. Thanks for that post on step two, principle of hope. Thanks, also, for stopping by and for your comments.


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