Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Go with the flow

My day is flowing along. I've got my lecture prepared and will go over it this afternoon. I'll miss rowing tonight because of the lecture.

I feel fairly rested today. I have to laugh at the fact that one of the cats was walking on my back at 4:30 AM and then one of the dogs decided that it was time to go out. Life with animals requires a sense of humor.

It promises to be another long day for me but that's not unusual for my Monday through Wednesday schedule. The best part of Wednesday will be that on Thursday and Friday evening I can go home since there are no after-work meetings or activities planned.

I thought that the following was particularly appropriate for me today as I have an "Easy Does It" philosophy:

"Let go of fear and your need to control. Relinquish anxiety. Let it slip away, as you dive into the river of the present moment, the river of your life, your place in the universe.

Stop trying to force the direction. Try not to swim against the current, unless it is necessary for your survival. If you've been clinging to a branch at the riverside, let go.
Let yourself move forward. Let yourself be moved forward.

Avoid the rapids when possible. If you can't, stay relaxed. Staying relaxed can take you safely through fierce currents. If you go under for a moment, allow yourself to surface naturally. You will.

Appreciate the beauty of the scenery, as it is. See things with freshness, with newness. You shall never pass by today's scenery again!

Don't think too hard about things. The flow is meant to be experienced. Within it, care for yourself. You are part of the flow, an important part. Work with the flow. Work within the flow. Thrashing about isn't necessary. Let the flow help you care for yourself. Let it help you set boundaries, make decisions, and get you where you need to be when it is time. You can trust the flow, and your part in it." from
The Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie


  1. Thank you for the Melody Beattie message. I was just reading Tab's blog from March 15, and she talks about Melody's writing, too. I appreciate the wisdom she has to offer, and your wisdom in quoting from her book.

  2. over-analysing. drives me crazy. i don't do that too much, fortunately. someone i know does! and it drives me to distraction. sometimes what you see is quite simply that! what you see.

    and yes, without my animals, i think my daily smile and laugh-rate would halve...

  3. When I am doing things right, Step 3 guides my life.
    Nice quote and well-typed, I might add.


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