Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I told my story last night and greatly enjoyed it. My focus this time was on the 12 steps and what they have meant for me in recovery. I did provide biographical information as well but have found that focusing on my pain and suffering isn't what I want to talk about. Instead I want to talk about what happened to me to bring me to Al-Anon and how I've worked on my recovery.

I was happy that my sponsor was there. And I know that I wouldn't have gotten where I am today without such a compassionate and knowledgeable person. I am grateful, very grateful:
  • That I have had the benefit of what this program offers and have been willing to accept being taught
  • That I trusted what I saw at meetings and what my sponsor told me
  • That I won't "graduate" from Al-Anon but have made a commitment to it as a way of living
  • That I will always be a work in progress
  • That I know myself better than before I started this program
"We are like many-faceted gemstones. Each side represents a different aspect of us. We have our emotional sides with different feelings and responses. We have our competencies and strengths, hopes and desires, destructiveness and negativity, self-doubts and resentments. We also possess a drive for power and knowledge, a desire to serve, and a wish to connect with others.

We need a working relationship with our thoughts and feelings so they can be appreciated, accepted, and understood. When we tell our story in a meeting, we let others know us, and we get to know ourselves better. When we are spontaneous in what we say or do, we communicate with ourselves. " From Touchstones


  1. Congrats on a great night.

  2. A work in progress...that pretty much sums things up for me.

    And how many people did you help that night? More than you will ever know. ;o)

  3. what a nice post!!!!!

    i just love this bit: When we are spontaneous in what we say or do, we communicate with ourselves.

  4. Happy for you staying out of the pain and in the recovery. I learn so much about me when I speak.
    And a good sponsor is such a blessing-- I remember when you were looking for one. Oh my how time flies!

  5. Hey thats great syd, after I have shared I feel good for days, its a very rewarding experience, I find but I am, terrified beforehand, i dunno why because its as if something takes over me.
    Alice in wonderland yes I feel like that working here!


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