Thursday, May 15, 2008

Seafaring week

Today, a grand ship the Freedom Schooner Amistad will sail into the Harbor. This ship serves as a reminder of the history of the Atlantic Slave Trade. The ship has sailed more the 14,000 miles and has been visited by thousands of school children and conducted more than 50 public ceremonies and sailing events to tell the story of resistance waged by black and white abolitionists.

There are other tall ships that will sail out to meet the Amistad, in a show of respect. I hope to get photographs of that this evening. Tomorrow and all weekend there will be tours of the tall ships and various maritime activities. I am missing Compass Rose at the moment because she has been in the yard for a couple of weeks to be repainted and have some "cosmetic" work done. I'll probably be rowing and taking people for public rows with the team during Saturday's events.

I think that it's great to have these activities and for people to see the Amistad so that they will realize how horrible the slave trade was. What a long way we have come to have an African-American as a Presidential candidate. I'm glad that the times have changed.

Well, I'm off to the noon meeting. I've been feeling good this week. I realize every day how powerless I am over other people. And that my trust is much better placed with my HP than anyone else.


  1. You sure do a lot of interesting things! I think you feel good partly because of HP and partly by actively participating in life.
    Have fun.

  2. Hey Syd: No I have not been to the Rolfe-Warren house, but I think I did some reporting from there way back in the eighties. I wish we could go out for lunch and trade stories, you know. I think you would give me lots of ideas.

  3. The Amistad has visited my state as well. Wonderful. I too am realizing how powerless I am over other people. And not just my "qualifier." Sometimes I accept it and sometimes I wish it were different.


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