Monday, May 12, 2008


I live on a rural island. It's a beautiful place to live with lots of old live oak trees. Last night, a tornado ripped through a part of the island and left a swath of destruction that is nothing like I've seen. I was on the island during Hurricane Hugo but the tornado appeared to be much more destructive.

Granted, it only touched down in a confined area but where it did touch down, there isn't much left standing. Oaks, pines, gum trees, fences were toppled. Some houses are completely hidden by the downed trees. Luckily, no one was hurt.

We were fortunate to have escaped the path of the tornado. I guess one never knows what forces of nature are going to change the landscape. Hopefully, power will be restored soon to those without it. And the debris will be cleared away. It's hard to take the loss of those big old trees though.


  1. WOW - scary stuff huh!! this just brought up another FEAR to add to my inventory.. i forgot about my fear of tornados - yet another THING i have no control over!

    i have a love/hate relationship with the weather.. i get scared but i'm very curious about it too.

    while walking over the weekend i was enjoying the breeze so much but also i had the thought of - how something so "lovely" can turn so destructive with added force behind it. Hummmmm

    i'm so glad you are safe and weren't affected by it directly.

    i grew up on the Mississippi gulf coast and we stayed in our home during 2-3 hurricanes. i remember at one point going upstairs and seeing my mom staring out the window and watching a tornado. funny how you want to LOOK but RUN AWAY at the same time.

  2. I hate that you lost those lovely live oaks. I'm not sure where you live but here in North Carolina we have had some scary nights. Last night around midnight it blew so hard that I was sure I would lose my roof...luckily it calmed down.
    I'm so glad that you had no fatalities.

  3. I agree with Ginnie-What a sad loss of those beautiful and increasingly rare old live oaks.

    Glad you weren't hurt. Be safe.


  4. Holy smokes!
    That must be hard to see on your little island Syd.

  5. Glad everyone is OK. Mother Nature can sure be scary at times.

    Have a great week Syd,

  6. A reminder to always respect Mother Nature. Especially on Mother's Day.

  7. shoooo, i'm glad you're okay. nature is a powerful force.

  8. We dont get the severe hurricanes and tornadoes here in the UK, I dont really know why we dont but I am glad, it must be terrifying having them things flying about thery seem almost alive.
    Still like molly says its another thing we are powerless over

  9. Oh Syd. How sad it is to see those beautiful trees tossed about. I am glad you and yours are safe.


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