Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Beware of the man of one book.
~ Thomas Aquinas ~

I've been reading a lot of books lately. Some are about sailing and stories of single handers going around the world. Others are self-help type books such as Co-Dependent No More. In this one, I'm learning that I definitely have those co-dependent ways. I knew that before reading the book but maybe I just needed to read about the recovery part again. This book incorporates the 12 steps in dealing with co-dependency and has good chapters on topics like Detachment, Anger, Acceptance, Communication.

Others that I'm reading are biographical books on addiction such as Augustine Burroughs Dry and David Sheff's book Beautiful Boy. The latter is about a father dealing with his son's methamphetamine addiction. It is a sad book, yet I can't seem to put down. It feels like I'm standing too close to a fire when I'm reading it. It hurts, but I'm transfixed and can't move.

And then I've also read about commitment phobia in Steven Carter's books. That's one of those topics that seems to hit close to home also. I don't think that I'm phobic about commitment but have suffered the consequences of being involved in a relationship with someone who exhibits the "symptoms". And reading about this helps me understand that once again I'm powerless over what the other person does. And that it isn't about me.

And then my "in the car" book on tape is Deepak Chopra's Book of Secrets: Unlocking the Hidden Dimensions in your Life. It's soothing to listen to as I drive to and from work.

Reading is comforting to me. I've always used it to help me through the best and worst of times. These aren't bad times now but ones that are thought provoking. I'm hoping that I'll discover something in my reading that will help me understand myself in relation to the world and those around me. I don't know whether it will but I'll keep trying.


  1. I have found a number of Melody Beattie's books to be wonderful. If you want to read an amazing story, read her own, "Playing (it)by Heart"( I think that is the title). For me, other than conference approved literature, her books have revealed the most about the whole insanity of living with addictions. I also appreciate that her books are hopeful and loving.

  2. I read allsorts, I go through pases, sometimes its sciencey books e.g physics, maths - the history of the quintic equation was good.
    I then had a spell with Torey Haydens books that have been in the top 10, at the mo its computer mags when I get time and New Scientist, I like that one.
    I am glad you read the Jungle TElegraph, I can picture u on your boat reading it.
    Your lucky diesel just $5 per gallon its over $11 here now!

  3. I like that quote. I have to be open to more than one way of thinking or I will get mired down.

  4. Reading is an excellent way to open up your mind to other things - and I have read Melody Beattie's Co Dependant no more - a while ago - maybe i should pick it up and re read it now tho - I am feeling like an AA widow - even with meetings I feel alone much of the time... perhaps a good book will do the trick!

  5. I like reading as well. It is a good way for me to gather information on subjects I don't know well. I think I had read most of the big book before my wife was out of rehab. I think that is the scientist in me wanting data, data, data. Thanks for the titles. I'm going to look into some of them.

  6. A quick read is Jeannette Walls "The Glass House."This woman came from a alcoholic,totally dysfunctional home and grew to be a productive,well adjusted person.
    Go Figure!

  7. Reading is a wonderful escape.

  8. Syd, maybe I have ADD? It doesn't usually hold my attention. When J used to be on the road more, I used to read before bed, usually romance novels. As a teenager, I read alot of self-help books in trying to find myself. I wish I did read more because I do think it gives us an extra brain power boost!

  9. I used to be a voracious reader. Until I spent all those years at a Jesuit University where they would not tolerate bad writing. So now I have no tolerance for anything less than excellent writing and there is too little of that - I think. I should probably ask you about books (other than self-help) because I am sure you are reading good ones.

  10. Sorry,the book I spoke of was is The Glass Castle.
    Fingers ahead of brain.

  11. i'm such an escape artist when it comes to my reading. strictly for fun and that means fiction... but i will always hold on to 'the language of letting go', wonderful!


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