Monday, July 7, 2008

Al-Anon steps backwards

I'm still enjoying the weekend in my head so decided to post something funny for today. I came across a version of the Al-Anon steps backwards and made a few modifications. Thankfully, I don't practice these anymore.

12. Having detached ourselves spiritually as a result of ignoring these steps, we let our alcoholics tell us what to believe and practiced these principles sporadically.

11. Let our conscious contact with God as we undersood him lapse by praying only in emergencies for our will to be carried out.

10. Slacked off on personal inventory and when we were wrong, denied or hid it.

9. Reasoned that no one had been hurt by us more than we had been hurt by them and called it even.

8. Made a game of rationalizing the harm we had done others.

7. Sang "I've Gotta Be Me".

6. Decided that our defects of character were too much fun to give up. We would dump the defective characters instead.

5. Denied to ourselves, to God and to everybody else that we had ever done anything harmful.

4. Quickly cast a weak flashlight over our moral history.

3. Made a decision to keep our will and our lives totally in our own control.

2. Came to believe that since our troubles were all our fault, we would have to solve them without outside help.

1. We decided that we could control everything, that our lives were manageable.


  1. Thanks Syd, I enjoyed that, sometimes its easier to see using reverse logic isnt it not to mention funny as well

  2. I have a copy of those backward steps and enjoy reading them from time to time.

  3. Oh that was great! And it fits ALL of us.

  4. LOL I looove it... BUT how true is it that before the program i was doing all those things... wow...
    have a great day Syd!

  5. That is a great post. I feel I have been working those 12 steps recently.

  6. This is sooooo funny!

    Can I follow these steps instead?

  7. Great! I so needed that opposite to principles humorous wake up. Thanx.


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