Thursday, July 17, 2008

End of the first part

I completed the first part of the course today. There were man overboard drills which were a challenge in a 20 knot breeze. There were intermittent rain showers too.

This course has made me realize the things that I didn't know. It is a humbling experience in many ways. It covers the more technical aspects of sailing, rather than just heading for a destination. There were a few moments today that I felt discouraged that I wasn't doing everything perfectly. The instructor is a college kid who is half my age. That's the old ego coming back. And it's a big character defect because it causes me to beat up on myself and compare my abilities to another.

So I decided that it wasn't important that I was doing things perfectly but that I was listening and watching and doing my best to follow directions. The instructor, regardless of his youth, is professional and knowledgeable and amazingly patient. That made the day much more enjoyable.

There's more sailing through Sunday for the second part of the course. Once completed and if my skills are sufficient, I'll receive a certification. I'm glad that I'm taking this course. And I'm looking forward to trying out some of these new skills on my own boat.


  1. Hang in there, Syd. I'm sure you'll do great.

    There is always someone prettier than me, smarter than me, etc., out there....I really hate that. ;o)


  2. mmm, i can do that too, frown at youth, but, one should realise one is never to old to learn, and that others do know things you don't. thanks for the message. fingers crossed for you til sunday. enjoy your weekend.

  3. Glad you are learning so much. I remember the man over board drills I had in a canoe class. Then we had to turn the canoe back over in deep water. I learned a lot about working together in that class. I hope the low that is supposed to move up the coast doesn't spoil your fun.

  4. About two years ago I was lucky enough to find a new job. Most of my co workers are anywhere from 3 to 20 years younger than me. I found it very difficult at first to be lower on the totem pole than people who where 10-15 years my junior. I was confronted with needing to learn a whole new skill set. I count my blessing and am grateful for my recovery because it has helped me embrace the positive aspects of my situation rather than let the negatives take over my head. I have taken to writing the word "LISTEN" on my note pad when I am in meetings because I have a tendency to want to participate (or dominate) in a meeting setting and in this case, most likely, I am the person with least actual knowledge of the topic at hand. I am learning that not knowing is okay, not understanding immediately is okay, just listening is better than speaking just for the sake of speaking. Sitting at alanon meetings has taught me those skills.

  5. Seeing a man conquering over his ego is a beautiful thing. It makes him more of a man in the eyes of the women watching. My take on it anyway (from many years of observing) ...congratulations.)

  6. Went on a sober cruise last night. Meeting on the boat. However, the mouth of the Merrimack River can be a dangerous place and it was last night. Riptides everywhere and waves crashing over the boat. Perfect Storm like. The captain had to cut the engines and ride them out. You could tell he knew what he was doing. Thankfully I was on the back of the boat and it was scary. The people on the front were soaked and knocked off their feet. Once we got through the mouth it was fine but a few people were sick and a woman with recent back surgery was in pain so we headed back to drop them off. Through the mouth again. We all had to sit down and latch onto something. I'm suprised he didn't make us put on life jackets. The way back wasn't as bad and we had the Coast Guard standing by.

    I can't imagine doing that on a sailboat! But the moonrise was well worth it!

  7. Even the "Boat Whisperer" can use a few new skills :)

  8. Next thing you will be talking about one of those 'round the world trips.

    Actually, I would love to do that.
    But in a private luxury jet, not a sailboat. To each is own, huh!

  9. My brother has been off sailing alone with his two dogs for a few weeks. He LOVES it. He would live on that boat if he could.

    Have fun!


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