Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Appreciate your shortcomings for where they have brought you. Then release them and be free to rise above the limitations.

Savor the disappointments one last time and remember all you have learned from them. Then let them go and eagerly look forward to new and fruitful experiences.

Sincerely and completely forgive those who have brought you pain, including yourself. And feel the healing that immediately takes hold.

Be truly thankful for having been through so much. Then get busy creating the best of what can be.

Let go of the useless drama that is already over. Hold on to the positive value that you've gained from it all.

Always there are new possibilities to explore, new ways to grow, and new worlds to experience. With each new now, the world is filled with fresh opportunities to be.

-- Ralph Marston

I have come to appreciate that if I hadn't had a bunch of shortcomings, my life would have been pretty boring. But I've also learned that by having a better understanding of myself, I can accept myself and others and not feel a lot of guilt. I probably won't be able to erase those things that are an intrinsic part of myself. But I know that I can minimize my shortcomings and improve my attitude.

It also has helped that I really wanted recovery for myself. I've found that I get as much from the program as I'm willing to put into it. That means that I share at meetings, help newcomers, volunteer to help within the district, work the steps and maintain contact with my sponsor and HP.

Here are some positive steps that I read about that will help when dealing with shortcomings:

FACE IT: Become aware of the thinking/behavior that is a problem

TRACE IT: Try to establish where you think it comes from and why

EMBRACE IT: Accept that you did the best you could with what you had at the time but it no longer needs to be that way. Forgive yourself.

ERASE IT: The thinking/behaviour no longer serves your best interests. To erase it, ask God to remove your shortcomings. Refuse to participate in the same thinking and behavior patterns. You may 'slip' from time to time but that's ok, it's a process and it's about progress not perfection.

REPLACE IT: Nothing exists in a vacuum therefore if you remove something you need to put something else in it's place. Where possible fill the void with Gods love. You can replace negative thinking/behavior with positive, healthy responses. Use the tools of the program. Sometimes we try something new and it doesn't work out for us. That's ok too, just try something different.


  1. YEA BABY! that is good stuff... and right what i needed to read this morning. thanks Syd! Have a great day today

  2. What a bunch of wonderful stuff. Thanks Syd.

  3. Very good Syd, I really liked that!

  4. This was a good post for me. I am constantly working on my short comings. The interesting thing for me is that the older I get the more short comings I come to realize I have to work on. Does that suggest I may be getting wiser?

  5. If only it were all that easy.

  6. thank you for that list. useful practical advise. for anyone for that matter...

  7. Haha, excellent, Syd! Read my post from today. Boy, did I need to hear this...


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