Monday, August 4, 2008

Crazy scene

Photos from Post and Courier

After posting the photos of the serenity of the island that I live on, I thought that I'd post a few from the annual regatta weekend. Most of those boats are there for the party as the regatta has been called the biggest floating cocktail party in this part of the state.

In the 1970s and '80s, the regatta had evolved into a wild party. Hundreds of boats began showing up every year, rafting together and letting the booze flow. A few folks even died, most jumping off shrimp boats and there were the car crashed that claimed quite a few victims. Unfortunately, this year was no exception as a young man died in a single car wreck after leaving the regatta party and heading to another party. His life is gone and the parents he left behind will no doubt have different memories of this past weekend than before.

Even though I live on the island and about 3 miles from the yacht club, I've never been to the regatta. It just seemed too crazy, too many boats, too much chance of an accident. So I was miles away this weekend, staying on Compass Rose and enjoyed having the entire creek that I anchor in to myself. No late night revelers, no noise--just a stiff breeze and a few cracks of lightening. It was nice to get up early on Sunday morning, go for walk, and pick up shark's teeth that had washed ashore.

I'm off to a meeting in Florida today. Hope to check in later.


  1. wow! to be in the midst of that must be exciting, yet, first choice, i'd pick your quiet surroundings in the post below this one...

  2. How fun all the traveling you get to do. But FL in August? I guess being on the water helps.

    loved the dicotomy of the pics chaos and serenity

  3. Where in Florida will you be going?
    Saturday night my home group celebrated it's 25th anniversary.
    The speaker, Tom I.,who lives in this area and is a good friend of mine (he has 51 years of sobriety) told me he will be heading to Florida to speak there in 12 days. It would be fun if you heard him and could say "Hi" to me through him.

  4. Wow...those pictures almost look fake, Syd.


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