Monday, August 18, 2008

Home group tonight

I've been away due to work related meetings for the past two weeks and have missed my home group meetings. Tonight I am going and will get my Al-Anon anniversary chip. I'm happy about this and am looking forward to being back at this small yet powerful meeting.

My home group meets on a rural island and there aren't many attendees. My sponsor has kept this meeting going and those of us who attend are grateful because it is an intimate group who share and care about each other. We occasionally will have a few newcomers but they haven't stuck around for the long-term.

For many reasons, I feel at home here. It's simple, low-key, and true Al-Anon.


  1. A close nit home group is good, I know I have my ups and downs at mine but they are like my extended family.
    I hope you enjoy your meeting

  2. Reading back on your posts, which I did once, this group has made a big impact on you. And now you are spreading the word. Your blog has been a light for me for a long time.
    Meeting on a rural island sounds great!

  3. My husband loves his home group - he feels most at home there - so I reason it is easier to share and open up because of that very fact. Cat

  4. Me too lou. There are not many meetings at all in my area. I was a bit surprised at that fact but it is what it is. My brother says he thinks I would benefit a great deal from Al-Anon. Plus my daughter might be able to understand more why her brother is like he is. Maybe there is some online meetings. In any event I love reading you Syd. You are very insightful.

  5. A home group is just that - HOME.
    Home is supposed to feel safe and loving and you are supposed to feel "cared for".
    Wouldn't the world be a fantastic place if everyone had some kind of "home group" to go to?

  6. Simple, low-key, and TRUE.
    That's for me--and YOU!

    (AA) Steve E.

  7. Is that really a picture of where the meetings are held? very beautiful.

  8. don't know what going on, internet not agreeing with me today. so if you got a comment or 2 from me already, my apologies...

    well done on your chip!

    and isn't it strange, how some places are just home, simple as that...

  9. I was at my home group last night, Yoda is still digging me for not sharing enough but I am not going to get annoyed by him, after all when I am practising the steps it tells us of tollerance and patience.
    I admit I am not as wonderful as he is but I did give the newcomer a lift home last night and me and Uncle Buck has him laughing rather than crying.
    Today I refuse to be perturbed by Alfs niggles about the new computer system

  10. Congrats to you, Syd and thank you for helping all of us newbies in blogland with Alanon.

    Sounds like a great group and a great place to meet.

    I love mine being in a church with two Alanon meetings and a huge AA meeting down the hall. Powerful.


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