Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Aching back

I've been having some back problems for the past couple of weeks. Actually, I've had lower back problems as a result of recently diagnosed scoliosis for about a year. But the recent flare up has included pressure on the sciatic nerve. So I feel some discomfort much of the time, especially if I sit for any length of time. If I'm walking or standing or lying down, I seem to be able to "work" through the pain.

Anyway, I decided that I needed to go to the chiropractor today. He did his routine, zapped my lower back with some electricity, added some heat, and I felt really good. I don't think I've been as diligent with going to him as I need to be. So I'm going to start taking better care of myself and get addicted to his kind of crack--the one that helps my spine.

While waiting in the office, I was listening to the news. Today's political sound bites involved "pigs with lipstick" with some mud wallowing going on, "lewd and crude" about the oil company and Dept. of Interior scandal, and more talk about family values, and "he said/she said" political mud slinging. I'm fed up with the whole political system. And I'm wondering what and who defines "family values". Let me know when you have the answer to that.

About the only thing worthwhile that got my attention was Hurricane Ike's cone of uncertainty becoming more of a laser beam aiming at Texas. I hope the blogger friends in Houston will be okay. Thinking of you all along the Texas coast.

Tomorrow is another day. Thank you God for this one and for helping me get through it with a sense of humor.


  1. tomorrow is another day...finding much comfort in that right now.

  2. I absolutely hate election years. It boggles my mind how people who I'm supposed to trust to run my country participate in such childish bashing leading up to the election. If someone I knew treated people like that, I'd write them off as too dramatic. So, I ignore all and cram for the vote the week before.

    Good luck with the Chiro. I trust them more than your run of the mill physician. They tend to take a more natural, holistic approach. Be kind to your spine. :o)

  3. what a coincidence, hubby also went to the chiropractor yesterday. i hope both of you feel great real soon. and follow the guy's/girl's advise!

    my advise re. politics? nope, it's not advise really. i just ignore it actually. it can get me so worked up, angry and frustrated, yet there's nothing REALLY i can do. so now i leave it be.

    here's wishing you a humourfilled day!

  4. Glad the chiropractor did his trick on you. And I've missed my monthly adjustment for the 2nd month. I think you've spurned me to go. It's ironic you bring up the nonsense going on in this political season. I have been thinking the same thing. I am frustrated by the whole thing just like I am every 4 years. Hope your back continues to improve.

  5. Glad to hear you are taking care of your back. Sciatica is so very painful.

  6. I too get bouts of sciatica. Fortunately, it, like most things, comes and goes, though not as quickly as one might like. Feel better.

  7. major pain - I am so sorry to hear about the back trouble - you literally cannot do anything if the back goes bad so hopefully the chiro will help you! Cat

  8. After my session today I can't recommend acupuncture enough. I feel so much better and it felt so much safer than the chiro I saw months ago for this same issue.

    As for the family values part of your post...great question! What are family values anyway?

  9. McCain was on The View yesterday and he said that he thinks abortion needs to be overturned. The entire audience booed. That is the main issue that I vote on because I am pro-choice. I do believe though that some women will vote for McCain simply because there is a woman on his ticket, unfortunately. Of course, everyone has a right to their own opinion.

    I have alot of experience with back problems. And recently I spent probably $400 in copays since the end of July at the chiropractor! Lesson learned for me is this: A chiropractor will have you repeatedly come back. A physical therapist will taylor exercises specifically for you to do at home, you will have some office visits with them but not many, and they give you more of a permanent cure. Lesson learned for me. Just thought I'd share.


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