Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Aches and pains

I went to get a few x-rays of my right knee this morning. I've had some problems with it over the past several months. It "catches" at certain times and then I have to hobble around. The doctor thinks that there might be a piece of loose cartilage roaming around and that I may have OCD. And that's not obsessive-compulsive disorder either, although I have thought that I've had that at some times in my life too.

So when I went to get the x-rays, the technician asked me to hold a plate behind my knees so that they could get a good shot of the patellas. I complied but was wincing in pain because my rotator cuff on my right shoulder is inflamed or irritated or is doing what rotator cuffs do when they have been traumatized. Thankfully, it isn't torn as I can still move my arm. It hurts the most at night when I am lying down which is a bummer since the discomfort wakes me up a lot during the night.

And then there is the tendonitis in my elbow and the pain in my lower back issue and the muscular inflammation that presses on the sciatic nerve. Fortunately, that's not flaring up right now but is cutting me some slack.

I think that just about takes care of all my aches and pains at the moment. I have medication to take which I don't because it completely makes me comatose. I take a couple of ibuprofen every other day. I just don't like taking drugs. And maybe I'm in denial to these aches and pains.

What I dislike the most is not being able to do all those things that I used to do without hurting. I've had to cut back on my rowing due to the rotator cuff. And hauling in the sheets on the sailboat doesn't do much good for the tendonitis. Yet, I keep doing these things. It's gotta be denial.

I like the advice my doctor gave me. If you get a sharp pain that prevents you from moving a body part in its usual range of motion, that's not good. And be vigilant with body parts you've injured before. And if a body part looks deformed, you definitely need medical help. Say what???


  1. I feel your pain... (okay, really bad joke) I am on ibuprofen after being on my new-to-me eliptical machine. ALL my parts feel like they were put into a potato sack and shaken around a bit. But I'm taking charge of my health and exercise definately combats depression a bit. I also had a rotator cuff injury and it took 9 months to heal. I'm looking into low impact yoga now..hehe

  2. I've had 2 rotator cuff surgeries and know how pain that injury can be. Not being able to sleep due to it is awful too. Hang in there

  3. Ugh - I hope you get the issues worked out in a manner that gives you the freedom to continue enjoying your life's loves like the rowing and the boating.

    My body motto: If it's not working get it fixed!


  4. Syd- if you were your dog, you'd do your best to help and to pamper your pet. You'd pay attention and do things to limit the damage, like put out a plank to walk on instead of making the dog leap, or carrying the pup into the car. Treat yourself as well as you would your dog! Don't push through the pain, don't be a martyr!

    Take care of yourself, you are the one that lives in that body. It's the only vehicle you can't replace.

  5. hahaha!! sounds so simple his instructions... but we still need telling! well I do anyway!

  6. I have one word for you: ACUPUNCTURE!
    Seriously, it can't make anything worse, doesn't involve drugs and works better than western medicine for chronic pain. Plus it relieves anxiety and tension and improves overall health.
    Yeah, that might have been more than one word, but still...

  7. Hi Syd,

    I just hate to hear someone reply that all you have described comes with old age. Though it may be true to some extent, I like to think that I have worked hard and used all that my HP gave me to the very best of my ability. Besides, I have also come to accept that when I feel physical pain, I am very much alive! It's the emotional pain that is unbearable, and hardest to conquer - without the help of the 12 steps and 12 traditions (of Al-Anon). So, thanks for another thing to help remind me to be grateful to be alive and serene today, in spite of the aches and pains. (I'm one of 'those' who plan to slide into my grave doing 90 on 2 wheels!)
    Love ya - - - Rest well!
    Anonymous #1

  8. I know what you speak of. At 46 I am just starting to realize that no matter what I do to keep in shape, those aches are going to start occurring. I feel fortunate that the only thing that really bothers me is my rotator cuff, right shoulder for me as well. It gets inflamed ever time I'm not careful throwing the football with the kids. Hope you get your knee figured out.

  9. Now what have you learned about denial, Syd...

  10. My wife says I’m a forty year old in a ninety year old’s body.

    Thank God I can’t hear a word she says unless I turn my hearing aid up. ~AR

  11. The human condition to our spiritual being...arggg!

  12. i like your doctor. very sensible dude. i hope your aches and pains subside.

  13. I think that those who listen to their bodies, mostly hear it say "take a nap. lay on the couch."

    I am sorry you are in pain, but I am glad you are not quitting living.

  14. I'm glad that the pain has not made you bitter. I believe in Aleve and Oreos and hot tub.

  15. Oh yeah getting older sucks. Right when we are wisening up our bodies begin to fail us. Its never all good at the same exact moment!

    My remedy for tendonitis was 800 mg ibuprofen a day for a few months. I gradually lowered the dosage once my arm was better and am now drug free for over a year with no tendonitis. My arm was locked in place, couldn't straighten it, did PT for months, stopped certain motions to the best of my ility, etc. The ibuprofen took care of it... in my experience. :o) This is not medical advice...just my experience.

  16. Syd, I feel your pain re:sciatica.

    I get bouts of it...grrrr. Unlike you, however, I am too sedentary and that leads to tight hamstrings, etc. I have been doing stretching exercises which have helped and have given myself permission to get massages in preparation for my upcoming vacation so that I will feel better.

    Hope you get some relief!

  17. Whew! You've got a lot going on there! I hope you're feeling better now.


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