Saturday, October 25, 2008

office humor

I'm sure that some of you can appreciate these cartoons. I especially like the last one. It typifies some of the thoughts that run through my head after a week of meetings. I think that there would be entirely different thoughts in my head if I had been to a week of Al-Anon meetings. But the work meetings give me a great opportunity to practice the program: "practice these principles in all our affairs".

I got home last night after driving through pouring rain. There were a lot of accidents. I don't think that I've ever driven for 5 hours straight through so much rain. It was nice to be back home, sleeping in a familiar bed and next to the one that I love.

Today I'm going out on the sailboat. Time for some meditation and quiet. It's stopped raining, and it's a nice cool day. Maybe we'll even burn a fire log tonight on the beach.

Enjoy your Saturday.


  1. Enjoy your sail, my friend.

    Hugs - JO

  2. I liked the last cartoon the best. Have a great weekend, Syd! I'm glad you're home safe with the love of your life. ;0)

  3. I must say, I don't miss work.

    BUT when I was working and things or people got tedious - I would repeat to myself over and over - PAYCHECK, PAYCHECK, PAYCHECK.

    Sometimes that was all I could say.
    Luckily, it wasn't always like that. There were many times I actually enjoyed my job.

  4. Glad you made the trip safely. Driving in that sort of weather is scary.

  5. What a hectic week. Enjoy your time off.

  6. aaah, back home, safe and sound. enjoy your weekend!!!!

  7. 5 hours of driving through rain will wear one out.

  8. Yes it poured here too, Syd. Alot of power outages in CT. Very windy last night...they mentioned my town on the news cuz it was extra messy here. It's tiring driving in that hands start to ache from gripping the steering wheel.

    Absense makes the heart grow fonder, Syd, so it's good that you and your wife spend some time apart. J and I both work at home and I sometimes wish I had the house to myself a little bit more. ;-)


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