Sunday, December 21, 2008


The photo above was taken at the St. Augustine Lighthouse and shows the Christmas tree in the center of the lighthouse.

Here's some humor for you on this Sunday.

This guy dies and finds himself at the gates of heaven with St. Peter. He tells St. Peter that he wants to come into heaven.

Peter reviews his record and says "Well that should be possible, but you need to decide what group you want to be with."

So Peter proceeds to take the candidate on a little tour. The first place they stop at, they can smell frankincense, and they find people on their knees, praying ardently to the Virgin Mary.

"These are the Catholics," Peter informs him, "Would you like to go here?"

"No, I don't think so," replies the guy. So they move on.

At the next place they find people standing up and singing hymns. "These are Protestants," informs St. Peter. "Would you like to join them?"

"Nah," says the guy, so the move on again.

The next place they come to they can smell the aroma of fresh coffee and cookies. There are a multitude of people gathered in groups, smiling, laughing and joking."

"This is more like it," says the candidate to St. Peter. "What group is this?"

"We don't know." replies St. Peter, "They won't tell us."


  1. Great!! This is the group I love to be in!!

    The picture is awesome too!

  2. ::giggle, chuckle, snort::


  3. very good!!!!

    and what a tree at the lighthouse! it looks amazing, with the staircase, the angle of the shot, everything!

  4. Love it! My kind of group!!! LOL! Have a great day! Lisa

  5. Great photo. Good joke. Thanks.jeNN

  6. lol


    That's the group for me! :o)

    Hope all is well, Syd


  7. Nice. Thanks for the chuckle. :o)

  8. That is so cool.

    I'm in Al-Anon for about 17 months.. now. Great joke. ..yes, coffee, coffee, coffee at all the meetings too........(even when I'm a phone bridge I make myself coffee first).

    Betty Ann


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