Saturday, December 27, 2008

Calm Saturday

It's a quiet and calm Saturday. I like the early morning when not even the birds are up. There's no wind, no rustling of branches, no ripples on the water.

I don't have much planned for the day. I haven't decided whether to go out on the boat or not. Right now, I just feel like being still and enjoying the silence around me.

I think that this road of self-discovery that I'm on has many different avenues. I started out thinking that inner peace and serenity were the destination. Concentrating on myself is a path that I'm traveling, but I've found that my connection with the world and my fellow human beings has been heightened too. Sometimes I tend to get too wrapped up in the sorrows of the world. That's where my heart "thinking" comes in. As long as I have my head and heart in sync then I feel more balanced. And I find that I'm walking this road of recovery with an increased sense of humility, acceptance and wonder.

Hope that you are traveling the road that takes you to where you want to be this Saturday.


  1. A think a calm, peaceful Saturday is order. After all the fuss and rush of Christmas it's nice to just relax and get centered again.

  2. wow where did you get that picture!!
    Amazing. Have a GREAT weekend Syd :)

  3.'s hard not to let the world's sorrows affect us. I try to stay away from too much news anymore. I prefer laughter, music and silence to the doom and gloom of the nightly news. This morning after I woke up, I stayed in bed and quietly read my Al Anon material and a little more of The New start my day. I want to continue with that peaceful feeling as I make my way thru the moments of today. Have a wonderful, wonder-filled day Syd! Blessings, Lisa

  4. I love that picture.. wow, thank you for bringing joy to others with your photographs.

    I feel like I'm reading a book with illustrations. And each day I get to read another 'little chapter'.

    I feel your growth too...and that is so reinforcing to my own growth.

    I found your blog first and then it linked to others that linked to a TREE .. branching out and outward.

    I love all the recovery; honesty; truth; growth in all the blogs I am reading. (and everyone's personality shows too).

    One of my best friends who is only 31 wrote a book (he got his Masters the other year and in Spain with his girlfriend as an English teacher). He wrote a book about his child hood and what happened to him in college etc as a result of a father who drank/drugged etc.

    He sent it to me the other week; it was powerful and REAL (I was a bit confused by the ending and did tell him because that the deal) but I realized I love him as a son; so I was reading it that way. I was being the 'mother' wanting a different ending; but the story ended two years ago; and now he is with a wonderful woman and having a more enriched balanced life; stronger from writing this book about his child hood.

    It made me start my 2nd book (not to publish) just for me......just real and healing.

    YOU ENJOY THIS DAY SYD.....and all in recovery too.......we are blessed that we are making it our goal to recover.


  5. Here's to peace and serenity on the journey of life; may we find it often and when we do may we notice it!

    Hugs G~*

  6. And your post and picture carry that calm saturday through to your readers as well... wonderful!

    My favorite roads are those roads around the lowcountry that have beautiful live oaks with spanish moss hanging down, engulfing the road like a tunnel to another universe...sometimes I can get lost in peaceful meditation as I drive down those roads... almost as if I'm in another world for a time.

  7. great post.. you'd probably like the Big Mind Big Heart stuff i've mentioned in my blog. he even has as one of the 'voices' the "Enjoying Quiet" voice. i was reading that in genpo's book this morning: "I enjoy quiet. I really appreciate both being quiet and being in quiet surroundings and environments. I love to sit in meditation and to be around water, on the ocean, near lakes, and rivers." (pg 171 in Big Mind Big Heart - Finding Your Way).. that 'voice' is one of what he calls "The Eight Awarenesses of the Awakened Mind"

    i thought of you when i read that b/c of your boating and water and such. :)

  8. I have not got to the calm part of this time of year. However, I hope soon!

  9. Sometimes I know exactly what road I'm on.

    Then at other times, I look around and wonder, "What hell road did I end up on?"

    I like the first road best.

  10. Getting too wrapped up in the sorrows of the world....yes, me too.

    I grew up in a town where all the streets look like your picture. I guess I was lucky.


  11. why thank you. i do believe i'm on the right road at the moment. have a beautiful weekend dear syd!

  12. Nice description of those mornings. I know that calm that you speak of. I hope you had a great Saturday and an even better Sunday.

  13. So far the journey has been a great one!


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