Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday staff meeting

For some perverse reason, we always have our staff meetings on Friday. Right before the weekend we get all the news that's good and we get all the news that's bad.

In research at the current time, there isn't much good news in terms of funding. I think that marine science is incredibly important but most of the sciences are suffering in terms of budget cuts. Since all the "sheet" hit the fan on the economy, we've taken over a 40% cut in our operating budget. And today's happy little meeting was about possible furloughs and another cut coming. This is the first time that the F word has been brought up, other than many years ago when there was a nationwide recession.

But I have to look at the reality of living in a relatively poor state where education is near last, foreclosures are increasing, and unemployment is high. Under the current scenario worldwide, there isn't going to much emphasis placed on science of the oceans when so many other dire circumstances are occurring. People are interested in saving their homes, their jobs, getting medical care, and feeding the family.

In the big picture, I realize that I'm powerless over all of this. And I do have a lot of happiness for today. I have a job. I enjoy my work. I know that there is much more to be done in this field. And it's Friday which means that I get to spend a couple of days out on the boat breathing in salt air, snuggling by the fire, and going for walks. There are a lot of good things to focus on in this day.


  1. Clock out and leave it behind for the week end, Syd.

  2. Wow, try to keep up the positive thinking,it is so hard in this economy but you are in a really cool field of business. Wow taking care of our oceans we need more people like you in the world.and I agree with Lou

  3. They say in any circumstances staying positive is half the fight. I think from this post, your winning. Your in my thoughts, I'm thinking of you and adding the positive vibes to a glorious weekend for you. (Hugs)Indigo

  4. Goin' with the flow.
    Have the wonderful weekend that you envision.

  5. I hate that education is so low on the totem pole. I think most of our problems would be solved if education were a priority. Ah well. My liberal roots are showing.

    I think it's fantastic you have a job you love and that you are in such a great place spiritually. I feel like state of mind can carry us through a lot.

  6. i hear you. there are sooo many issues that need attention. and nature always seems to come last. sadly. but, now it's the weekend! enjoy your boat, enjoy your home, enjoy your wife, enjoy everything that happens!

  7. hey you are lucky syd, we have had so many cuts where i work that we no longer have a canteen.
    I just dont see how money works, i mean they are talking now (the uk government) of printing more money.
    When i was at my physics lectures 20 yrs ago we were told that poletitions didnt understand the effect that the economy has a periodic reaction to outside influences, hence the it takes it a few months for the oscillations to subside.

  8. Same hear in England. Things have been reduced to basics. Job, home food. A simpler life for a whole lot of people. The ones who have lost their jobs so far are the people I feel for.

  9. oh I am longing for some ocean time.

  10. I noticed TWO "F" words in your posting. The first, so obvious...and the second, less obvious, but prominent nevertheless, in the last line. FOCUS!

    How wonderful that you can focus on other than self, what worldly situations affect YOU.

    It's gotta be Alanon, that has brought you to this point.

    Grateful for your blogs,
    Steve E.

  11. We had a meeting on Friday where I work too. They told us no raises this year because they are trying to prevent layoffs. For me, I'm happy to have a job at the moment.


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