Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Things that I'm grateful for today:
  • A day off today to enjoy the first day of 2009.
  • Sleeping in late after staying up past midnight to watch the celebration.
  • Hoppin' John and collard greens followed by key lime pie for lunch
  • Slowly putting away the Christmas decorations and doing it with a method for once
  • A crisp, cold day to enjoy a roaring fire
  • Meeting with my sponsee who appears to be willing and eager to work the steps.
Have a relaxing start to 2009.


  1. Sounds like you are off to a good start!

  2. Happy New Year, Syd. Thanks for all your great and thought provoking posts in 2008.


  3. Looking forward to reading your posts another year!

  4. Happy New Year Syd! Thank you for all the great support and wisdom. jeNN

  5. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY 2009 to you and your wife...

    ... I keep my tree and decorations up until January 6th.

    It is Little Christmas Day:


    Step 1
    Decorate the house and the yard the same time of the year as always in preparation for Santa's arrival.
    Step 2
    Spend the few days around December 25 with family and friends. Set aside one evening to get everyone together. Have your guests bring a favorite dessert, but no gifts. Sit around the fireplace, sing carols and celebrate each other and the season.
    Step 3
    Postpone gift giving, the commercial aspects of the season, to the morning of January 6. That's the Feast of the Epiphany, when legend says the Wise Men presented their gifts to the baby Jesus.
    Bake a traditional yeast dessert called the "King's Cake" for a second evening of festivities on January 5, also known as the Twelfth Night of Christmas. According to European legend, a man was chosen as "sacred king" for a year, and then sacrificed to ensure a good harvest. A nut or bean was placed inside the cake before baking and the man who received that piece was chosen. Of course, you should just bake the cake and forget the sacrifice.
    Step 5
    Wrap the gifts, put the toys together and prepare the scene for the family to celebrate Little Christmas the morning of January 6.
    Leave the decorations up until January. 6. In Ireland, it's considered bad luck to take the holiday trimmings down before Little Christmas.

    Wow I did not even know all the above. My mother was Part Ukraine/Polish (and 1/2 Italian). She said there were Catholics and what was called Roman Catholics and they celebrated on the 6th.

    To me it is just to surprise my little guys with a small present when he least expected one. And calm and soothing evening since no Expectation and the Commercialism of the day is over.

    Happy every day.. to you..

  6. Many Blessings for a wonderful 2009. I'm so grateful I met you last year. You have brought a lot to my life in your writings. Jenn

  7. Sounds like a joyful New Year! Here's to 2009!


  8. Sounds like the perfect slooow down. Happy 2009 Syd and thanks for the support

  9. ah yes, yesterday it felt as if we were living in a ghost city... so so very quiet...

    i love your putting the decorations away slowly and with method. one day, one day, i'll do that too, heee heee heee


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