Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Long week

It's only Tuesday but it feels like a long week already. I was spoiled from having so many days at home. And it doesn't help that my wife reminded me this morning how great retirement is. She said in a teasing way, "You ought to try it."

I've been thinking about retirement. I'll be pretty young when I retire. And I definitely don't want to sit around, watch TV, or complete endless lists of things that need to be done. I gave up the lists a while ago. I'm living on more of an "ad hoc" basic these days. And that feels good.

Anyway, I do make plans when it comes to work. I have to do that with my job as a department head. Reality is that I want to live one day at a time but also need to give consideration to career plans.

So this brings me to an idea that I've hatched. I'm thinking about submitting a proposal to be a Waterkeeper for some rivers in the southern part of the state. It's a non-profit group, the Waterkeeper Alliance, and acts as a watchdog for the waterways. I know the local Waterkeeper for the Harbor and it sounds like an ideal "volunteer" job for me.

There are lots of reasons to want to monitor the rivers and work to keep them at status quo or better. Here are just a few of those reasons:

You get the picture(s) right?

Finally, this is what I'm grateful for today:
  • Thankful for a few days of warmer than usual temperatures
  • Grateful for some good sharing at my home group meeting last night where we talked about humility
  • Grateful that I no longer feel the need to let arrogance block me from others
  • Grateful for another day in which I meet with a sponsee tonight and then go to a meeting
  • Grateful for looking out a picture window for 28 years and seeing the Harbor and the city in the distance.
Have a good Tuesday everyone.


  1. My first long week back at work too. But I think I'll work from home tomorrow because we're supposed to get another bad snow/ice storm.
    I hope you're able to be a Waterkeeper Syd. I'd feel better knowing you're out there keeping an eye on things.

  2. i get the picture. wouldn't want THAT to be spoilt. ever! and i'm with you on ad hoc. don't like lists anymore. haven't done them for a while either, and nothing has collapsed around me yet, heee heee hee

  3. Waterkeeper sounds like such a noble job. Kind of like a mythical thing almost.

  4. You would be a good lighthouse keeper too! Do they have those anymore?
    You are lucky to be able to choose your future!

  5. Follow your heart and your dreams and you can't go wrong!

  6. ..something tells me you'll definitely never be bored or lost for activities if you retire young.

    ..Volunteering to do things that means something is the best type of 'work'.

    ..I'm glad you had a good meeting last night. I had a fabulous one too(mondays nights are my favorite ones).

    I got and gave a lot of ((hugs)) last night and that felt GREAT.

    The meetings are always 98% women but the two or three men that come feel right at home. They have no inhibitions to share their feelings and they love having this venue to do so.

    I actually think they are much in touch with their manhood for sharing... (and not keeping their feelings pent in). I think they add something to the meetings too.

    Enjoy this week......... I, hardly had work the last half of December and first couple of days in January;........ I got used to all that free time to think ... but I like that I'm back to my work routine. I love working; I guess because I only have been working for the last 7 years; before I was a SAHM for almost 2 decades. (stay at home mom)

  7. Tht sounds like a great thing to consider (for you).
    I have been mostly retired since 2002 (age 49) when I got laid off from the oil industry. I say mostly because I don't work any more but do have an income.
    My days remain full, every day, usually all day. I rarely make many plans and the practice of Step 3 keeps me busy.

  8. "Keeper of the Waters" Sounds like a service to the king.

    or, "Mom, when I grow up I want to be a WaterKeeper".

    Joke at our house always was ,"Dad, I want to grow up and be a violinist".

    "Son, you can't do BOTH"!

    So I play a violin.......

  9. Sounds like a good plan Syd. I "retired" in nov 2007, only to end up consulting in march 2008. I like the idea of a waterkeeper. Only this weekend my wife and I were out walking in our local national park and I thought it would be a good idea to become a park ranger. Outside in beautiful surroundings, helping people. Go for it Syd.

  10. Beatiful pictures. Thanks for sharing them.

  11. Love the pics, as always, Syd.

    I hate to say this about myself but I think I'm kind of lazy? Low energy maybe? If I retire I will fight to keep from laying down too much and watching too much tv. I have a touch of agoraphobia too. I yi yi.


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