Friday, February 13, 2009

The real me

Who does the world see when they look at me?
Do they see the real me or just who they think I am?
Do they see my eyes only or the soul inside?
If you looked deep enough you would see the real me.
Look a little deeper than what you see outside.

If you really looked you might see
That behind my smile, I sometimes cry.
I may look confident and happy
And blissfully unaware,
Yet at times I feel too unsure to try.

Looking deep within would reveal
That most days optimism abounds.
I am in love with life and living.
I feel compassion and hope.
And am grateful to be giving.

I wonder if that is what people really see,
That good person who is within.
I would like for you to get to know me,
My dreams and schemes,
Rather than just who you want me to be.

I am grateful to be who I am today.
I'm glad that there are a few people in my life who know the real me.
I wish that I were better at conveying to everyone who I really am.
That's the rub, isn't it--to let people know through word and deed who you really are?
I don't think that it's too late to let the real me shine through.

Have a good Friday.

I'll be hosting the chat on Sunday night, Feb. 15, over at the Second Road. The chat starts at 8 PM, and the topic is going to be how to get balance in your life. It's open to anyone who wants to show up. Let your fingers do the talking.


  1. Enjoy the weekend. It's the last chance you'll have to experience this weekend.

  2. it's never too late to let the real you shine through. i hid long enough, and the relief, when i could drop the pretenses, was and still is, immense.

  3. I love that poem.

    And through your written words your personality does shine through. I see a MAN that not only is a Success in the Work World...but becoming more of a Success in his Spiritual Journey ...

    You are a VERY GOOD MAN....and now you are knowing it more and more and loving yourself and life all around. You are learning more and more that you have to put yourself first in a good emotional way (not selfish way).

    You are sounding more and more like you know what self-Love is all about (I see the difference from your earlier posts to now). You really did the hard work and you are still growing and growing.. (a beautiful never ending process so you are enjoy EACH DAY more and more.. because there is NO finish line). You are less MOODY.. that nature vs Nuture thing.. because you see you have so much to be grateful for and when you laugh now it feels more real than it ever did before.

    You loving yourself more and being less co-dependent is actually helping those nearest you grow stronger for themselves and admire you even more so.

    (just my two cents of how I see you through your words... --maybe I got it all wrong... )

  4. Awwww, Syd - - - I bet your sponsor knows and loves you! Reading your blog-sharing indicates a strong tie with another in recovery. This has been my experience, also: My sponsor, in the beginning, and now everyone in the meetings I attend (Al-Anon) know the real me. In fact, my own family does not know me as well as do the folks in recovery!
    Special Hugs to you Today!
    Anonymous #1

  5. Hi Syd darlin'.
    Lovely posts this week. Enjoy your friday mi amigo.

  6. Syd your writing shows me an honest, strong, dedicated person who gives me insights daily on how recovery can work.

    Have a great weekend.

  7. awe, you did a great job with this poem, I love it. And i will be away from home until late Sunday night so I will miss the thing a the second road. I will miss all my bloggers this weekend. Service calls!!

  8. Is that an FBI Most Wanted poster? I think I recognize it from my post office.

  9. Syd,let the 'real you' shine through--today, AND Sunday night. Wish I could remember to be there.

    This rubber band is getting pretty tight on my finger!

  10. I just stumbled upon your blog and look forward to reading more... Just wanted to say "hello".

    Hope you have a good weekend...

  11. Thanks, Syd. This taps into a topic that has been much on my mind lately -- just being myself and letting go, not just of how people perceive me, but of the need to have their perception match what I feel is the "real" me.

  12. what a great and courageous post indeed! You always amaze me. I am so grateful today that there are a few who see me, and the real me and they still love me! wow, that's a miracle indeed!

    Have a great weekend.

  13. It took me forever to allow me to surface and let everyone else get a glimpse. I still keep some doors locked not allowing admittance. In time...time seems to give us the courage to finally be who we are inside and out. Wonderful post hon! (Hugs)Indigo

  14. I am not seeing you in that picture.

  15. The real you, I know it makes you wonder where is the real bit of you, where does your mind end and another start.
    you look a bit like rimmer off red dwarfe with a beard and a hat

  16. Syd..You never cease to amaze me! I appreciate you sooo much! Your writing is a gift that always touches my heart! I may have to join you at Second Road. I could use some balance about now. :( Lisa

  17. picture is circa 1997. Now there's no beard and the hair has been cut.

  18. I really like the person I've come to know here. I'm sure you are just this way.This kind of non judgmental sincerity cannot be faked.


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