Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Here's to Scribblers

TrailBoss gave me an award as a Superior Scribbler. She said that I was cool because I wrote about boat things. Well, yeah, I guess I do write quite a bit about boat stuff. It's a happy part of my life. And then sometimes I have those moments when I get serious and write about my experience, strength and hope. I've always enjoyed scribbling. So thanks for the award. I'll keep scribbling away at whatever comes to mind. I'm not sure how superior it all is but it's an honest go at sharing.

I'm supposed to pass this award along to five others who I think scribble a lot in a superior manner. Ha! Just kidding on that. There are so many of us who scribble away on blogs that it's hard to pick five. How am I supposed to do that? After losing sleep over this, I made a decision to nominate the following who I think scribble in a diverse and superior manner:

1. Michael across the pond who writes about his work, his life, his bowling, his brick toting mates, and his sobriety. Michael has a lot of talents when it comes to writing: blog, newsletters, programming code, etc.

2. Findon, another fellow from England, who expresses himself eloquently. His posts make me think about so much. He writes about his sobriety and how life is for him with his lovely wife. His writing is often poignant and intellectual.

3. Steve is a superior scribbler for sure. He writes blogs and blongs. (I had never heard the word blong until Steve wrote about it). In his writing, suffice to say that he has some great information to share about his sobriety and his long-time experience with music, people, motorcycles, and his lovely wife.

4. Mrs. Hen is a stream of consciousness scribbler. She writes about what is going on with her heart and her head. She has many interesting things to write about including her experience in Al-Anon.

5. Judith is a professional scribbler. She has written a couple of novels and is working to publish one. Her writing is intelligent, thought-provoking and honest.

As with much of life, there are a few rules. But I don't much like rules and I'm not an enforcer so you can play if you want. If you do play, nominate 5 other scribblers. Tell them about the award and link to them. I think that's about it.

Happy scribbling everyone.


  1. That is such a nice thing to do. I got the lemonade award once it is to do with recognition for your blog and it is a good feeling when people recognise your hard work. Well done for getting the award you have a great blog.

  2. hey thanks syd, superior scribbler, wow, hey i just write stuff to get it off my mind, a problem shared is a problem halved they say.
    sometimes i write in a aa step 4 way and other times i just write anyway, didnt think of myself as superior.
    I will give this awarding people some serious thought, thanks

  3. congratulations syd! you're a superior scribbler you are!!!

  4. Thanks so much for visiting our blog and signing up for the contest. Very interesting blog you have here. My sister recently finished rehab (For drugs) and it has definitely been an interesting experience for us all to say the least. Nice job on getting an award, feel free to stop back and see us any time. Best of luck in the contst

  5. Hello……
    This is amazing!! I am so glad to found your blog! Keep up the great posts…..

  6. congrats on the award, you deserve it, I think you picked some real winners here. I like Findon and Steve too they are very awesome writers. I will have to peak at the others to see who they are.

  7. Congratulations and well deserved to all your choices dear friend! (Hugs)Indigo

  8. Congratulations to you for your deserved award, and thank you very much for mine!


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