Thursday, March 26, 2009

Under the weather

Spring has sprung here. And the flowers, trees and shrubs are all dressed in their best finery. Unfortunately for me, they are all pollinating like crazy which is causing some major sinus headaches for me.

Today, I feel pretty bad so I'm going back to bed in hopes of going into work later. I don't like to be under the weather, especially when the weather is great and the out doors beckons. But today I'm going to do the H.A.L.T. thing and take care of myself.

Enjoy the photos. And enjoy whatever the day brings your way. It's all good in one way or another.

Here are some things that I'm grateful for today:
  • That I realize that whatever unpleasantness is happening to me today will eventually pass
  • That I can look out the bedroom window and see a riot of color and the beauty of the woods in a thousand shades of green
  • Having the dogs put their wet noses on my face this morning
  • Having my wife put her warm lips on my face this morning
  • Knowing that there is nothing so pressing waiting for me that it can't be put off until tomorrow.


  1. how brilliant your gratitudes, especially the last 3... feel better soon, but i must say, i have sympathy sinus... in autumn??? can't understand it one little bit.

  2. Take care of yourself! You don't want to be sick on the week end;)

  3., and others, with headaches, it must be terrible, to keeo you from working

    I am SO fortunate to be free of them for over 70 years!!

  4. Sending healing thoughts your way. jeNN

  5. Great list. You can't ever be too thankful for dog kisses, that's for sure.
    In the past, my constant sinus problems have contributed to my addiction (sickness, staying home alone from work, prescription medicines etc.) I'm learning to put them in their place: it's just a nagging little medical thing, and it WILL pass. Life's too beautiful to get overly distracted by my nose!

  6. Feel better - the whole Spring thing helps me to put a pep in my step even when I dont feel like it the sunshine and blooming flowers do wonders for my soul

  7. Great photos. Spring is springing here as well. I don't suffer from the pollen so I guess I'm lucky. I like the gratitude list. My Beautiful always kisses me in the morning, then its's followed by our dog Tilley getting up and the first thing she does is come over and give me a big kiss.

  8. I'm thinking some roasted oysters would help.
    Hope you get to feeling better. We're in full bloom here as well.

  9. Love your pics, I have yet to see anything bloom here yet. Soon though. Feel better!

  10. Get rest, drink plenty of fluids and read all the blogs you can.

  11. My spring sneeziness has kicked in as well. Feel better!

  12. I adore Spring and love your pictures.

    My daughter and many of my friends suffer terribly at this time of year with allergies and sinus troubles.

    As a child I had terrible hay fever in the Spring and sometimes it even kept me home from school. Thank God, I outgrew it.

    Hope you feel better for the weekend.


  13. Thanks for your photos of Spring and reminding me of all I'm grateful for! Feel better soon.


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