Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April fool or just plain fool?

"April Fools' Day or All Fools' Day, although not a holiday in its own right, is a notable day celebrated in many countries on April 1. The day is marked by the commission of hoaxes and other practical jokes of varying sophistication on friends, family members, enemies, and neighbors or sending them on fool's errand, the aim of which is to embarrass the gullible." from Wilkepedia

I've decided that I'm not going to do any hoaxes or jokes today. I can remember doing those April fool jokes many times to my parents. And then later I did them to my wife and close friends. Silly things that made us laugh.

I think that my favorite prank was to place the "fart machine", which was remotely controlled, on a couch or chair behind an unsuspecting person. This worked best when others were in the room (for obvious reasons). Then when some serious discussion started, I would press the button and out would come those pants ripping fart sounds.

The expressions on the people and the person who was the alleged "perpetrator" were hysterical. Most everyone would pretend that they hadn't heard the sound. Just carry on like nothing happened. Then when a second blast came out, people would start to squirm and look embarrassed. By the third "toot", everyone was cracking up.

I'm feeling semi-goofy today but decided that I won't use the fart machine at work or at the wine and cheese reception that I'm going to tonight. So here's what I'm going to do:
  • Have a productive day at work
  • Meet with a new sponsee at noon
  • Go see a friend's art work being displayed at an art reception this evening
  • Fix dinner later for my wife
  • And...... Make some copies of a paperclip;
  • Put them into the paper tray of the copier;
  • Watch as they try to find the paperclip stuck in the printer.
April fool to you.


  1. LOL, still have the imp within!
    The first time my girlfriend and I had dinner with my parents, they hooked up the fart machine to my chair.
    Did not know they owned such a foul device!
    The machine went off, anxious eyes dart around quickly before focusing on plates. Went off a second time. I thought it was my mother, BUT I APOLOGIZED rather than have my mother be embarrassed. On the third round, those two devils could not control their laughter. Game Over.

    I'm actually happy that machine brought them so many laughs.

    Me--I'm just staying safe today--lots of pranksters in this family.

    Have a wonderful day Syd!

  2. My boys still love to do this - thanks for the heads up - I will be wary tonight!

  3. heee heeee heeeee, subdued but not quite gone, i love it!

  4. the other day, I heard my kids giggling in the kitchen. I asked what they were doing, with "NOTHING" shouted in unision back at me.

    *ha* my kids in on something together, it stunk of no good.

    I made them tell me what they were doing, and I am sorry that I did.

    They were switching the cereals, putting LIFE bag in the Trix box, etc.

    That would have been a good one, they would have really gotten me with that...I wish I hadn't ruined it. :)

  5. How interesting that people pretend not to notice--I want to get one of those and conduct my own social experiments!

  6. Love the fart machine item. Isn't it funny when people try to ignore stuff like that?

    I remember one April Fool's day when I was really young. I had broken my favorite plastic headband either that day or the day before. My brother, yes Scott W, came outside where I was and told me that Dad had fixed the headband. Me being young and gulible fell for it and when I found out he was pranking me I cried and told on him. I did a lot of telling on my brothers when I was young. I was quite the spoiled one.

  7. Syd...I soooo needed that laugh today! Thanks! Love the paperclip idea! That's brilliant! I would frustrate me to no end to be trying to find the damn paperclip! Have a wonderful day and evening my friend! Blessings, Lisa

  8. Once I was the focus of a fart machine. It did its 'job' and no one raised an eyebrow. The second time, everyone laughed loudly! Only problem was, that time it was NOT the fart "machine" that went off! It was ME.....
    Steve E.

  9. We used a fart machine at my counseling job. People there took themselves WAY too seriously. It took 3 blasts before someone finally said something!We were rolling on the floor in uncontrollable laughter! jeNN

  10. I've always wanted to rubber band the handle on the sink squirter thingy so it sprays someone when they turn the faucet on...but for some reason I just can't get myself to do it.

  11. You made my April fool's day a happy one. I love when I can start my day of with a Bang and NO not a FART ha ha.. I have been a victim , not of the fart machine but the " whoopie Cushion " same thing, I think I am turning red NOW lol Great post and I love your things to do for the day " paper clip Mhhh? ) Funny. Thanks for bringing out the CHILD in me ..

  12. I have one of those little hand held voice recorders. I had a big fart sound on it at one time and when people would bend over I would let it rip!

    I love the paper clip copied blank pages. Brilliant!

  13. One April Fools Day my older, wicked step-sister convinced me to taste something awesome, liquid candy.

    What 12 year old kid could resist some "new" liquid candy? Well, it wasn't candy. Duh. I actually super-glued my index finger to my front tooth for quite some time.

    I was scared to tell my Mom...finally I worked it loose, a terror in my heart for a few minutes nonetheless.

    That AFD prank only was only exceeded by the time she convinced me to "hide" in the dryer while playing Hide-n-Seek. Not cool at all!

    Looking back, I'm lucky to have survived April Fool's Day and I am so glad I did NOT have older brothers! lol


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