Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday reflections

It's a slightly overcast day here with puffy cumulus clouds hanging close to the horizon. There's some light wind making ripples on the harbor water. I can see the church steeples over in the city as they thrust upward and above the other buildings. There may be a thunderstorm later.

Yesterday, I watched four racing sailboats set out for the final leg of an around the world race. Today, the harbor has a few cruising boats visible, but no brilliant spinnakers are billowing. I wonder what it's like to leave port and set off on the final leg of a grueling trip across the Atlantic. These sailors have already been 3/4 of the way around the world, including the dreaded passage past Cape Horn.

I'm thinking today about the trip that my sponsor is going to take. He's leaving this weekend to drive across the country. One if by land, and two if by sea. Both will yield much knowledge of self and surroundings.

I'm going to take off to go on the boat this afternoon and spend tonight through Sunday on the water. It has seemed like a long week. I've been on some antibiotics that have kicked my butt for most of the week. Last night I went to bed at 9:30 PM which is unheard of for me. Thankfully, today I feel rested.

I was reading this morning about the death of actor David Carradine. Now the news sources are saying that it was some kind of weird sex stimulation that required choking. Kung Fu was safer. I remember that program as a kid. I liked it, especially the wisdom of the Master. I'm sorry for Mr. Carradine and his family.

Speaking of weird, yesterday I got a call from a member of the public inquiring whether placing the stinging cells of jellyfish in his penis would be stimulating. I get some weird calls sometimes as a marine scientist but never one like that. Are these just other forms of getting "high" and enhancing the senses? I don't know the answer but told the fellow that called that he would no doubt be stimulated to get to an ER if he wrapped his wand in jellyfish tentacles. Enough of that .......

So I'm off to finish up some work. Hope that you are having a great Friday. I'm going to make the most out of this day.


  1. ROFLMAO. (chortle, snort, snicker)

    So sorry, Syd. But that is friggin' hi-lar-i-ous. Wrapping his wand in jellyfish tentacles...

    You can't buy that kind of crazy.

  2. Jellyfish tentacles? Thanks for the laugh, Syd.

  3. hehehe Oh My goodness - I am still laughing here! You are so funny Syd!

    have a great weekend despite the clouds!

  4. I remember the show that David Carradine was in. What I remember is that he always called the younger guy Grasshopper. I'm sad that he's gone -- don't know which news is worse, suicide or strange way of strangling. I think that his show is where I developed an interest in Zen philosophy.

    Have a great weekend.

  5. In a few years I plan to bicycle from coast to coast.

  6. Got to admit, that was weird funny! Why on earth would someone think to do something like that???

    Well,I too get strange phone calls, but they are not nearly as funny as this was. People are always calling to ask where and when they can drop off their cat or dog to us....I work for Habitat for Humanity people, not the Humane Shelter.

  7. Hi Syd,

    Unfortunately auto-erotic asphixiation is nothing new and not uncommon. Its very dangerous and now teens are trying it and several have died recently. I think you are right comparing it to an addiction...for some a normal orgasm just isn't enough and they seek out ways to enhance it - which unfortunately I know too much about from SAVA training. It often is not healthy (or even weird - like jellyfish).

    I feel sad for his family but in some ways its a comfort to know it was not suicide.

    (SAVA = sexual abuse victim advocate)

  8. I hope you continue to feel rested. And your sponser! How I would love to drive across the country! I would stop at every Historical Marker and eat every meal picnic style in parks along the way. Sigh.

  9. have a well deserved, rested , fun, weekend and thanks for the laughs.There are just to many weird peeps out there lol SMILES

  10. Syd, you write that you're going to make the most out of this day.

    I think you make the most out of EVERY day. That's what it looks like from here....

  11. Eeesh. I hadn't heard that about David Carradine. What an awful way to end a life.

  12. oh man, the things some people want to experiement with. you should've told him to try it on his toe first.... anyway, have a super water weekend!

  13. what a strange way of getting a high, I dont think there will be a Jellyfish Anonymous springing up of people addicted to this new behavior though!
    You have got the best job in the world you know

  14. Yes, Grasshopper - if you wrap wand in jellyfish, you not get good sandwich without peanut butter...

    Blessings and aloha...


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