Monday, June 15, 2009

Ups and downs

Friday afternoon with the Brownies was great. I haven't been around such well-behaved children in a long time. They were interested, asked questions, and had a blast on the beach. They even wanted to share their beach "treasures" with others who might not have found as much. It was a really fun time. After we were all back on the boat, they opened up their bags and shared what they had found with the whole group. And they knew the names by then of most of the shells and other sea life. Good kids.

Saturday was a rough day since there was a terrific storm that came up in the afternoon while I was trying to sail back to the marina. I had an agenda to get home in the early evening since I had to take my wife to the airport for a 7 AM flight on Sunday. One of the things that I have found with sail boats is to not have an agenda because so much is dependent on the wind and the tides. So I had the wind and the tide against me as I was trying to leave. I also was trying to sail while 30 knot winds were gusting due to the storm. I couldn't make any headway. So I motored back to the anchorage and waited out the storm and for the incoming tide.

The 20 somethings were partying like crazy on their boats regardless of the storm, wind and rain. They were in various stages of drunkenness. And all I could think about was when I was going to be able to get underway so that I could get home. Most of the time, the partying crowd doesn't bother me. They play music on big thumping stereo systems, grope each other, fall overboard, pee overboard, and fling obscenities back and forth. I ignore this stuff because I know that eventually they will leave, and all will be quiet again for my overnight stay at the island. But on Saturday, I wasn't going to spend the night and wanted to get home.

My impatience did no good. After the storm, the wind died. It was as calm as a pond. The sails hung uselessly. So after an hour of just wallowing, I fired up the engine and motored back. Once back at the dock, I had work to do. I cleaned up the boat, stowed the sails, put the dinghy away, and then headed home. It was nearly 10 PM when I arrived. I felt so bad because I had wanted to spend the evening with my wife. I felt selfish that I had gone out on the boat, tried to follow a schedule, and got a lesson in humility once again.

My wife was glad that I made it back. She had everything packed for her trip to Nantucket. We at least got to sleep hugging each other.

On Sunday, the alarm went off at 4 AM. We had coffee and then headed to the airport. She is looking forward to some cool weather and time with her friends. I got a much needed nap and later talked to her after she arrived at the beach house on Nantucket. The house here seems empty without her. For dinner, I fixed a nice salad with cucumbers and tomatoes from the garden, marinated some shrimp and grilled them, grilled a piece of London broil, and had a warm brownie for dinner. Just me and the dogs and cats watching the rain pouring down from an early evening shower.

Today is a beautiful day but hot. There is no breeze and a slight haze is over the water. There will probably be another pop up thunder storm this evening. My wife says that it is in the 60's on Nantucket. I miss her.


  1. The first 20 years of marriage, I looked forward to my husband going out of town so I would have solitude. Now I miss him also when he is gone.
    Funny, how that works!

  2. I think this post is a really lovely tribute to your wife, Syd.

    Your dinner sounded smashing!



  3. alone time at times is also good. and you'll appreciate each other so much more again when she's back...

  4. Quite a turbulent weekend. Joy, storms, calm, wanting, frustration and togetherness. Isn't it something when we can't wait to be in the company of our loved ones again. It beats not wanting to be anywhere near them. Thanks for the post and glad you are safe.

  5. You are a blessed man, Syd.

    Love this post.

  6. Sounds like life on the "as it comes" plan...

    I wish you continued blessings and growth...

    (this may or may not be good news ;-) )


  7. Dear faithful comment maker,

    First, thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog regularly. I appreciate it.

    Second, all sounds right in your world - even the sail, the storm, your lateness arriving back home, the snuggle at bedtime, the trip your wife is on, your missing her, the meal you describe eating the first night she was gone.....all is well.

    Love and prayers,
    Prayer Girl

  8. I love the way you write, you posts are always beautiful.

  9. I love how we can enjoy part of your workd through your postings. Your wife is a very lucky woman. We are lucky to have you HERE with us, always in my heart.Your weekend was busy and your plans delayed but you got done what needed to get done ans still were there to cuddle and have that first morning get together. PERFECT. You dinner sounded YUMMY. esp the warm browine. One of my passions eating chocolate any way I can.. Bless You.. SMILES

  10. distance makes the heart grow fonder? Sorry your night before she left did not work out as planned but it sounds like you both roll with things pretty well and that is the credit of a couple...

  11. It warms my heart to see a man share about his love for his wife, especially after the hurt that alcoholism has caused.

    Thanks also, Syd, for your support on the loss of my mother. Your a generous and kind soul.

  12. Same here, I love the way that you write! It's sort of musical....I know it's your writing and not my reading. Blessings. Cindy

  13. I know the empty home feeling, way to silent. The empty house always serves as a reminder of how how fortunate I am (to be married to such a great person).

  14. Your wife is so lucky...Nantucket is such a lovely spot but I wish you were there together.

  15. I always think of my brother when reading your blog. He too is a sailor. He would live on his boat if he were single :)

    Your life sounds beautiful ~

  16. I am missing thunderstorms lately. It seems it has been forever since it rained here. It's parched and HOT!


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