Monday, October 5, 2009

Harvest moon

This weekend was the harvest moon. It was so incredible to see as it rose large and glowing. It shone brightly on the water, illuminating the ripples that flowed past the boat.

The sun had just gone down and there was the full moon rising following on its heels. The harvest moon got its name because it was said to help farmers working to bring in their crops. They could continue to work on harvesting their crops by moonlight even after the sun had set.

It's evidently an illusion that the moon appears larger around the autumnal equinox. I don't want to think about the illusions. I don't want to be a grown man who understands astronomy. Instead, I want to believe that I could reach out and catch a moon beam.

I thought of driving back from Tennessee years ago with my old Labrador. He had been to a hunt that day and been the pick up dog. He had enjoyed the water, retrieved many a bird, and was snoring gently as I watched the harvest moon loom up from behind a mountain on its celestial ladder. It was such a moment of peace tinged with a dash of longing. The old dog is long gone. But I knew that he too felt the pull of the harvest moon even as he slept.

I think each of us at times has a similar inexpressible and poignant moment that comes not from logic or reason, but from a place inside where wonder and mystery dwell.

"I want to see you dance again
Because I’m still in love with you
On this harvest moon"- Neil Young


  1. I saw it early in the morning when I was jogging this weekend Syd. Words can't describe how beautiful it was.

  2. what a beautiful picture and beautiful post. sounds like you had an excellent and pensive weekend

  3. Beautiful! I love the harvest moon best of all moons...

    I anxiously await the time of year when it appears.

  4. Syd,
    This is a beautiful post, my friend. I love a harvest moon, too. They are sublime.

    God bless you and your old dog.



  5. It was remarkable this weekend - the moon was glorious!

    I love your writing about this kinda stuff. Great post Syd.

  6. I have had many of those "inexpressible and poignant" moments in my life where "wonder and mystery dwell".

    As a matter of fact, thinking about it, maybe I have had more than a fair share of them and for that I am so grateful to my God.


  7. I enjoyed the moon so much this weekend too.
    I love when nature touches my soul. My head is not involved.
    I have to go listen to Neil now! Thanks! jeNN

  8. Your comment section says, "Let me know what you think." Well, this is what I think:
    I read these two sentences in your post: "I don't want to be a grown man who understands astronomy. Instead, I want to believe that I could reach out and catch a moon beam."
    You can and you do catch moon beams. You grab those "poignant, mystical moments" on a regular basis. You share them with newcomers and old-timers and on your blog. You just forget sometimes, as the man who understands astronomy, that the moon beams go away each night, to return another time, on a different night, to bless you.

  9. You are awesome. And I love that song.

  10. Such a beautifully written post, thanks Syd.

  11. I saw that same East Coast moon this morning! It's so cool to think we're looking at the same sky. I always feel like I'm getting reruns in CA...3 hours later :o)

  12. Beautiful photo and one of my favorite Neil Young songs.

  13. Great post, really nice way to express yourself, congratulations, the last sentence it is supreme, it is really great.

    I am happy to have discovered your place

    and the satelite of the earth:

    UNDER the harvest moon,
    When the soft silver
    Drips shimmering
    Over the garden nights,
    Death, the gray mocker,
    Comes and whispers to you
    As a beautiful friend
    Who remembers.

    Take care.

  14. a Harvest Moon, and lyrics of it by Neil. Can't beat that!

  15. Lovely sentiment, lovely moon, lovely post.

    Blessings and aloha...

  16. the moon and emotions... either it's exquiste peace or total chaos. but whichever it may be, i still love the moon.

  17. That place of wonder and mystery -- I so agree

  18. I never want to lose that place inside where wonder and mystery dwell.

  19. we have a community with a population capacity of over 200 people - it is wild.


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