Saturday, October 24, 2009

Random thoughts

I' ve just got a few random thoughts today:
There's nothing quite like Saturday. I wish it wouldn't end.

It's not cold but we're going to have a campfire tonight and boil some peanuts.

I never had boiled peanuts before moving to SC.

Rowing to shore is an adventure. We were once told that we looked like the couple in The Notebook.

We read to each other to pass some time. I find that sensual.

We're reading how Bill and Lois fell in love. I see lots of parallels with us.

There's a history lecture on the battle of Battery Wagner that we will row to today. I wonder at the resolve to fight when wearing wool, being chewed on by mosquitoes and dodging bullets.

A sponsee did some great work on step four yesterday. He is starting to feel good about himself.

That kind of break through is a God thing.

A shooting star last night streaking across the heavens was a God thing too.

Those God moments happen every day. Just look around you.

Wishing you a Saturday of joy.


  1. Very two enjoy each other in a Notebook-kinda-way..


  2. What a lovely post to go with your lovely Saturday,Syd..No wonder you wish it would never end...
    {pass the boiled peanuts}


  3. Sounds like a lovely relationship. You stop to recognize God moments. That's a good reminder for me. And you appreciate a day. Another good reminder.

  4. Wow, the couple in The Notebook! Sigh, how r o m a n t i c!

    I never heard of boiling peanuts! Glad you are having such a great day thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. So, like, do you take them out of the shells first? Soup?

    Thanx for sharing.

    Blessings and aloha...

  6. I also had never heard of boiled peanuts. I love the gratitude jumping off this post. Thanks Syd for sharing your lovely day with us.

  7. Nothing quite like a shooting star.

    Hope this post doesn't appear twice!

  8. boiling peanuts??? don't know this at all.... have a happy weekend!

  9. Beautifully written, Syd, as usual!

    And yummy on the boiled peanuts!!!

  10. My father grew peanuts out back and boiled up a vat now and then, although he preferred to roast big sheets of them. I don't like them mushy, though, the way I found them at the farm market in South Carolina, at the beach. They need to be salty and retain some crunch.

  11. what a wonderful day... i wish my wife and I could/would be able to enjoy time like that together...

  12. Yeah, I want to know more about the boiled the shell or out? Salted or not? lol

    I love love love that you and your life partner share recovery. That is such a wonderful bond to have and I am happy for you both. Sounds like a lot a good weekend.

  13. I'll provide a holding answer for Annette until Syd gets back on dry land. You leave the peanut shells on. Put on a big pot of water to boil, pour in a bunch of salt. Then boil the peanuts. Some people like theirs really soft and mushy, but I can't stand that. You need to start checking them after a bit for the kind of crunch you prefer. It is very personal, that.

    People sell them in farm stands in the south. Sometimes they are steaming in crock pots. You can dip them into styrofoam cups and get them to go.


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