Saturday, November 7, 2009

The ladder to achievement

100%------------I Did

90%-----------I Will

80%----------I Can

70%---------I Think I Can

60%--------I Might

50%-------I Think I Might

40%------What Is It?

30%----I Wish I could

20%---I Don't Know How

10%--I Can't

0%-I Won't

"Success is to be measured, not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed."

I enjoyed giving the talk last night. The place where I spoke has 33,000 acres of forests and wetlands with only 2,200 homes. The architecture was incredible. I was treated to a fabulous dinner after the talk. It was a nice way to end a beautiful day.

Today I took down the mast of the sailboat and will be trailering it to bring home for bottom cleaning and repainting with antifouling paint. It's a good time to do some maintenance now that the weather is cooler and the fouling organisms aren't settling as rapidly.

I don't like to think in terms of things that I can't do because what that usually means is that I won't do those things. I like to think in terms of action. And the action that I find most helpful today is practicing the 12 steps, doing my best to do God's will, and practicing gratitude for what is in my life.


  1. Whoa, this ladder is the coolest. I never saw it before!!!! Sounds like you have a great talk in a lovely setting. I wish I could have been there to hear it but your blog is "the next best thing to being there" :)

  2. I love the ladder. I usually go from I think I can to... DONE. I never was one for waiting to do it if I thought I could get it done. :)

    Winter's coming quick and cold this year. I feel it through it and through. Hugs. Tammy

  3. You are a great example of practicing these principles in ALL your affairs. It really does make life easier. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  4. Love the ladder--wish it had 12 steps though --grin!

    Key words, each of which will one day unlock doors to rooms of Love and Peace.

    Thank you Syd. I'll bet you give a good talk.

  5. I always dread having to give talks or run workshops but climbing the ladder to that eventual feeling of 'I did' is such a good learning curve!

    And we never know where others start from and how many more obstacles they may have to encounter along the way.

  6. The ladder is a great analogy. And each step up increases confidence and competence. It's those first couple rungs that are hard!

  7. I think I was probably a fouling organism back in my drinking days.

  8. This post is awesome! Thanks for sharing the ladder with us. It's perfect for me for this week... going to my first Al-Anon meeting on Thursday!!!

  9. I think that sometimes Syd, my attitude could use some anti-fouling paint...

    I've found that a mix of Step 3 and Step 11, tinted with gratitude makes an excellent anti-fouling agent, don't you?

    peace my friend...

  10. An entire chapter in the Big Book called Into Action will support your post.

    Good one, Syd :)

  11. Reminds me of a sign I read some time ago: Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take but by the number of things that take your breath away.
    I was raised with the "Little Engine That Could" as one of my story books. "I think I can" has been my mantra for years. For me it's where everything starts: sobriety, poetry prizes, marriage. I'm grateful that God picks me up and carries me up the ladder a lot of the time.

  12. Hi, Syd -

    I love the ladder! So clean cut and accurate!

    I really appreciate you sharing your wisdom and life experience!

    - Marie (Coming Out of the Trees)

  13. Glad the talk went well. Sounds like a lovely time.

    I haven't actually clicked out on the links from my Google Reader for a while to say hi, so today seemed like a good day to sit on that top rung and say "I did it!" Thanks for sharing.

  14. You've really given me food for thought. thank you. And the area sounds wonderful.

  15. Today, I'm struggling just to get to integrity with 0% - what, I guess that means I'm starting at -10%?

    Glad you've found some healing actions.

    Blessings and aloha...

  16. I would have loved to hear your talk and have joined you for that fabulous meal. :)


  17. I work with all the people in this range from I Can't to I Did. What I found is that the I Can'ts do not like the I Dids. Almost everybody likes the I Mights. But, if you're trying to get something done, I Might doesn't cut it.

  18. great analogy Syd, sounds like the place was heavenly, what a great photo . I think this ladder should be used in all parts of our lives.. TY for sharing.. SMILES


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