Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Word association

Lou started this word association thing and Sarah continued it. So I asked Sarah to give me five words to write about. If you're interested in doing this word association, let me know and I'll send you five words. The object is to write down the first things that come to mind. I did mine as a kind of stream of consciousness writing. So here goes:

Home--strong, serene, protective, remembrance, love, warmth, comforting
Blue--my BMW, skies, moods, bright, sunny, water
Holiday--busy, too much, not enough, rush, money, tired, stress, music
Book--knowledge, fascinating, losing myself, calm, quiet, thinking, comforting
Internet--woven web, anything goes, too much, addicting, outlaw
I had the day off today because is is Veteran's Day. It has been a rainy, windy day and a good one to sleep late, read a book, take a nap, and do anything but go outside. The rain came down in torrents with this nor'easter. And I did spend quite a bit of it outside, walking the dogs, moving the boat in the yard, and later going out to dinner. The day seemed to fly past. My wife drove safely back through much of the storm as it was heading to NC. She was glad to be home, had a good dinner and is now sleeping.

I did think several times today about those Veterans who have served their country. I hope that wherever they are, whether living or dead, they know that there are people who have said a prayer for them.


  1. I too, found myself thinking about those vets today, and the POW's. We really have it easy.

  2. Oh I want words... words are great aren't they?

    Comfort is important to you... I hear it often in your post. TWICE here. Feels good to find comfort in something/someone/somplace.

    Happy Veterans Day to all who serve or served.

  3. Good stuff... yeah, I'll play! I am trying to get more active here anyway ;) So, give me some words and I'll play too. Thanks Syd!

  4. I too gave thought today to our veterans. Thank God for their sacrifices that have allowed us to live in freedom.


  5. A blue BMW! I only know cars by their colours, a red Toyota something, a green Landrover, a grey car. Una's car is white and muddy.

    Won't you send me five words?

  6. A number of my friends here have sons in Iraq. They can use all the prayers we can muster. We are blessed to be in warm snuggly beds tonight. A day to remember all who have given so much to all of us.

  7. nice stream of thoughts you have there....

  8. Nice description of home. I'm glad you have that. I'd love five words, Syd. And I hope at the end of this holiday season, you have new word associations for holiday.

  9. I am glad your wife made it home alright... I'll take some words, that sounds like fun!

  10. oh, and about our Veterans... i was priviledged enough to service lunch to about 45 local vets yesterday and got to listen to a WWII Veteran tell the story of how he earned his Bronze Star... brought me to tears, what this man went through.

  11. I would love to do the word game. :)

    The stream of consciousness is really interesting isn't it, shows you how one word can really send you in a direction of thought and that can be elevating or devastating.

    One word to begin your next thought:

    Love :)

  12. great words on memorial day or you call it Veterans day.

    If you like you can send me some words to. I need to get back to thinking


  13. Syd,
    Your day off sounded nice. Boy, I could sure use one.

    BMW, huh? You're not a damn yuppy, are you? Laugh. If you are, I'll have to take you off my list of Internet crushes.

    Love, SB.

  14. I too sent many prayers and energy to the veterans who are currently, have, and will in the future serve us. Thank you for the word association too, great read...


  15. I too thought about them, and thats the point of Veterans Day - I think its good to think about them and what they have done for us all, and what they went through as well... God Bless them!

    PS I would like to do the word association game thing lol

    have a great day Syd!

  16. Sounds like the holidays are already getting you on edge;) Our neighbors put up Christmas lights the day after Halloween!

  17. I love the words you chose. And all I have to say *Yay for kick-ass cars*, lol.


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