Friday, June 18, 2010

Keeping busy

There was a rip roaring thunderstorm last night.  I sat on the porch and watched the rain come down and heard God bowling some serious strikes up in heaven.  At least that's what my grandmother used to tell me.  It sure does sound like a rumble to me. 

The rain has been good for the yard and the garden.  I didn't have to turn on the irrigation system.  And today it has been threatening rain all day.  I have been working on the boat trailer, busting rust, priming and painting it.  Today I didn't get it all done because it was still wet from last night's rain.  But thankfully, it is cooler. 

I picked a bunch of tomatoes from the garden, and even sauteed some for breakfast this morning. I also made an omelet, cooked some pancakes, and had some vegetarian sausage. It was a filling breakfast but really good.  This week has mostly been cereal and an English muffin.  But since that breakfast I haven't had another thing to eat and am still not hungry.

I have watched a lot of news.  And listening to the grilling of BP CEO Tony Hayward yesterday made me glad that I never had CEO aspirations or desire to make huge amounts of money.  I marvel at his ability to stonewall in the face of so much anger and rebuke.  I don't know whether the venting accomplished anything or not.  The oil didn't stop flowing.  And he didn't give up much of anything.  Seems a bit like the definition of insanity to me: saying the same thing over and over but looking for some different answer (or any answer). 

Tomorrow will be one week since C. left.  Another friend is flying in on Sunday to join the group in Nantucket.  She is loving the temperatures.  I am hating the heat and humidity here.  So when I have all I can stand and am smelling like a field hand, I come into the garage and stand in front of the huge fan.  And I pet the cat who loves me no matter how I smell.  And then I go back outside for some more chores.  Al-Anon says that when I got busy, I got better.  I am better today.  I am busy today.  And I am surprisingly content with myself, the cats and the dogs, and the hermit like existence today. 

Here are some flower photos so that you can see what a green thumb C. has.  I am treating them with care. 

Have a good evening and a fulfilling Saturday.


  1. some beautiful pics syd...thats funny about cats isnt it...mine has been palling around with me with the fam those tomatoes were good...hope you have a great rest of the day.

  2. Me thinks you're experiencing a tad bit of the retiring lifestyle.
    And, me thinks you're enjoying it.

  3. Stunning photos! I have kind of a brown thumb:( Glad you are busy and better Syd.

  4. great pics,we are under a thunderstorm watch tonight untill the morning.

  5. I like the "easy routine" of your posts. I like when my life falls into a methodical beat. It keeps things simple and real. As a big flower gardener myself I loved the garden pics. your C is gifted with her love of nature and it's beauty. My brother first told me about God bowling and I have told that to my children can take the edge off those nasty cracks...hope you have a great weekend and that a cool north wind finds you!

  6. Lovely photos, I am glad I Had no desires to be a CEO either. have a good weekend.

  7. Your garden is so beautiful. And I love knowing it is all oraganic and sustainable.

    BP's track record in Nigeria is also a story of stonewalling, violated human rights and a crime against nature.

  8. There is nothing like the cool relief after a thunderstorm - hope the cooler atmosphere lasts for a while. C certainly has an artistic knack with the plants, the photographs are beautiful.

  9. C has a wonderful green thumb. I wish she would share a teensy bit of nail off the thumb with me. Hubby and I don't do so well with plants. But maybe this year we will actually have tomatoes. So glad you are doing well with your alone time and taking care of the plants and pets and yourself.

  10. Ah! Beautiful! How nice of C. to leave her flowers when she's away to remind you of how much you love her.
    The storms are the only thing saving us here from this heat. It's so brutal.

  11. Wow, the photos are beautiful. I have a black thumb, myself.

    Glad you are enjoying retirement. That is as it should be.



  12. Your blog is a gift. Thank you for sharing it.


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