Friday, June 11, 2010


It is vacation time for C. who is going to spend two weeks on Nantucket Island.  I am taking her to the airport tomorrow for a 5:30 AM flight.  She is meeting up with a couple of friends from graduate school.  It will be a vacation to get away from the heat and enjoy a beach house and the beach. 

I would like to be going but am staying behind to take care of the animals and the garden.  It is very difficult to get someone to watch the dogs and the cats as well as have someone trustworthy stay at the house.  Because we live out in the country, it is necessary to not just let things go for 2 weeks.  Yet, I am hoping in a few years we can make the trip up there together.  It is a wonderful place to visit. 

I am planning to pull the boat out of the water next week, pressure wash and paint the bottom.  That way the boat will be ready to go back in the water by the time C. gets home.

The heat here has been bad over the last few days.  There has been nothing but a hot breeze today.  So maybe it is good to stay in the AC this weekend, pick veggies from the garden, and just relax in doors. I know that the old heart dog is glad to not be going on the boat.  It is just too hot for a thick coated Labrador even with the boom tent.

I will most likely bore you with more photos from the garden and some news from "up North" over the next couple of weeks.  And I'm still planning to get around to all the blogs. You guys have been prolific with your writing, and I have been a slacker with reading and commenting.  Maybe retirement is making me lazy?


  1. Dog-n-house-sitting must be quite a cool job ;->...

    The Shakespeare was not my own translation. I don't know whose it was but would love to find out.

    You know I didn't know the names of any birds before I did this. (Except der Geier ~ the vulture ~ strangely!) I always mix its name up with gierig ~ greedy ~ thinking, I suppose, that vultures are greedy(?) I dunno. Most of what I write is a learning process and I have to go over and over what I learned to make it sink in.

    At first, after I had posted I wanted not only to do a degree, but one on German soil, I had no confidence at all to comment anywhere German-speaking. I thought people would read what I'd put in German, see my plans and have to be hospitalized for laughter-induced broken ribs(!)

    I should really know the grammar far better than I do. Those awful declensions on the end of adjectives and words like mein/ein/kein etc are a constant source of irritation. At one point I despaired ever of getting them right. I think somehow they are just now sinking in. When I was younger I think my brains were just too crowded out to remember...

  2. its been hot here for the ast 3 days...i have enjoyed it though as house sitting kinda for some friends who have a pool...

    i hope you have a great weekend syd!

  3. lazy? well deserved break more like :),17564/

    saw this and thought of you :)

  4. I would take the heat off your hands if I could, we are in a cool rainy pattern. I hope C has a relaxing vacation. That picture was so inviting. Please do post some more pictures...I love to see them. Need to get going we are headed to the lake! Have a peaceful weekend!

  5. I cannot wait to see your garden and hear news from nantucket... I really, really enjoy visiting your blog Syd!

  6. Truly, it seems to be a phase we all go through when the daily grind is not in our face. I know in your case you looked forward to going to work more than lots of us did; however, the fact is, you do not go to work now and getting adjusted to the freedom takes a little time. I had no idea that I would be busy and content and happy as I am. With all your interests and friends you will be in a sort of routine and enjoying it immensely. I want to see photos of your tomatoes and veggies.

  7. I don't beat myself up for not being a faithful follower. I read and comment when I can.

    Enjoy your time alone Syd.

  8. From where I sit it sounds like a win/win situation for both of you.
    Hot humid 90s here and yesterday I was asked to be a sponsor in Alanon.
    My HP must think I need something from my new sponsee.

    Have a good one


  9. It has been hot here the last 2 days, but it will fog in soon. I am feeling some serenity these past few days so haven't been reading many posts. I have been turning a few mind reels over to HP. It seems to be working.
    Thanks for all your posts

  10. You are one of the most faithful bloggers in the blogosphere. I would think you could take a few days off - with our blessings.

    And PLEASE bore us with pics. I miss that part of the country so much.

  11. I envy C. going to Nantucket. A great place and I'm sure it will be cooler than where you are, in S. Carolina, or where I am, In N. Carolina !

  12. Hi Syd sounds great out there maybe a little too hot for me.
    Yes I watched the match last night though not really into football, Luke says USA was lucky if it wasnt for our goalies mistake.
    Hope you get the bottom of your boat painted I bet its like heaven where u live


    Happy June!

  14. Enjoy the retirement, dear heart. That's the idea. Do only what you feel like doing. No schedule. What a luxury!


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