Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mooning you

A really nice day here--good for floating on the raft, listening to music, watching the sun go down and the full moon rise.

I have thought a lot about E.'s family today. His funeral is on Friday. The driver was a 21 year old woman. It wasn't her fault. But she will no doubt be affected terribly by this too.

I stopped cycling several years ago. I used to do some serious rides--30 miles at a clip, a few centuries--and all with others in a pace line. The traffic was just starting to get crazy.

On a noon time ride I was hit in the back of the head with a bottle thrown by a teenaged boy. We chased the truck down as it went through neighborhoods. He dropped off his girlfriend and sped off. But a group of us knocked on her door, asked for his name and number, got it, and I called to tell the little shit that he had assaulted me. I talked to his dad and said that I would not press charges. The kid had his truck taken away for a week. My father would have taken it away for good and made me walk. But those were different times.

Not long after this I quit riding. Each of us had some kind of incident. Several resulted in broken bones. The price just got too high. Now it is a case of taking your life in your hands riding on the roads here.

So I do most of my exercising in the gym, with the rowing team, and on the boat. Tonight we limbered up by danced on the boat to some old Chuck Berry tunes. There was a lot of dancing on boats this weekend. Young women dancing on the bow to rap music, most of it about "ho's and bitches". Squirting booze down their throats with turkey basters. Who comes up with this stuff? Give them ten years and they will be in the rooms if they're lucky.

After the "gin and juice" crowd left, we had canned ravioli and a salad because our gas regulator broke on the stove. And when the moon rose we hung the camp shower and took a fresh water shower. That felt so good after all the sun and salt water on our bodies.

Now it is almost time to go to sleep. The moonlight is shining on the water turning it to liquid silver. Maybe the moon is mooning you as well. Sweet dreams.


  1. And sweet dreams to you and yours.


  2. We have light ordinances in my little town, so the moon comes in loud and clear. Sweet story. Very sweet.

  3. Glad to hear your having a nice weekend. I like reading your posts from the boat...Last night I saw a great story on Blackbeard and wondered if you were aware of his sunken boat being found recently.

  4. I am sorry for your loss. Your weekend sounds wonderful otherwise.

    As I read this, I considered the fact that I am not doing my annual triathlon this weekend - just for the fact that I really don't like biking anymore. I could do the swim and the run portions in my sleep - but the bike leg would be torture. So I will volunteer instead.

  5. yeah a big full moon...crazy to get hit by a bottle...yeah my dad may have let me live...hope you have a great day syd!

  6. I made it through Water Festival :) and I'm so glad it's over. I'm grateful I never went the turkey baster route ;) thanks for being such a great blog friend too

  7. Lovely moon rises here too -- hooliganism or vandalism is a big problem here, attacks on cyclists and alcohol often involved.

    So sorry to hear about your rower friend.

  8. I have asked my hubby not to ride on the streets. It takes him more time to put the bike rack on the car, lift his bike on the rack, drive to the bike trails (two miles if that) lift down the bike and ride and then repeat it all when he is finished riding. I have told him I will not ride on the streets at all. I rode on the streets with him in San Diego and it was too nerve racking for me. So I stopped going. We are so fortunate to have safe trails here that are in excellent condition. The only thing that would keep us from riding is weather. Very windy some days and of course storms.

  9. I still bicycle some also, but not like I used to. Drivers are just too scary.

    The moon was gorgeous here, too, last night.

  10. Syd,I am glad that you had a good weekend end my friend. my weekend was great as well.

  11. We had two cyclists killed in a 2 week period. Both of the drivers drove away and neither called an ambulance. That is as sick as it can get. I hope when they are caught they put them in prison and throw away the key!

    So the dad only took away the car for a week? Do you have his number, I would like to speak to him about that. :)

  12. you are making me jealous with these restful days of yours. your mind and thoughts are sharp as ever, though.

  13. I love the moon, I feel more connected to it than the sun....

  14. I sometimes can feel my blood pressure going down when I read your posts such as these. What a beautiful picture you painted of your evening. Wishing you many more just like it!

  15. Awwww...
    Thanks for sharing. I feel a little cooler already.

  16. I am sorry about your "gin and juice" crowd incident and sadly agree that rap music and hip hop denigrated into something I never thought it would when I first heard it in the 70's and 80's.

    Secondly, the bike riding is scary at times, I did not have anything so severe happen but had friends who rode like you have various assaults, sadly.

    Thinking of you ...
    Beautiful pictures.


  17. Forgive me for being so tardy at catching up with your blog! I love my job but working sure interferes with my blog time :)

    Love the moon picture - very clever caption.

    So sorry to learn about E. Lots of loss in life :( its never easy.

  18. thoughtful post... holy sh!t: turkey basters. my goodness. these ARE different times. your phrase "give them ten years and they'll be in the rooms, if they're lucky" really hit me.

    I'm glad the bottle didn't hit you in the head. I was knocked off my bike by a bus once... but I still cycle because I love it so much. It really does require a great deal of caution though...



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