Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Just a hint

On this moonlit evening,  I can feel the first beckoning of fall.  There is a light breeze stirring the trees and just a bit less humidity in the air.  The light in the late afternoon has cast longer shadows.  And today I saw the first sulfur butterfly float past me.  These are signs telling me that soon the oppressive heat will be gone, and my favorite time of year will begin.

It has been a summer of mostly favorable happenings.  The good stuff which actually made memories included my retiring with some decorum, getting a lot of time on the water sailing and living aboard for several days, finding a boat that has captured my imagination and some of my heart,  and celebrating another year in recovery with my partner.  The bad thing that occurred was the suicide of a friend.  In the overall rating of summers,  I would say that it was memorable. And hot, very hot.

I can't say that I have been particularly productive over the past few months.  But I rationalize this by telling myself that this is my first summer "off" for a long time.  So I'm giving myself a break and not sinking into guilt.  In fact,  I could get too used to being an idle farmer and roving sailor.  But the farmer can't be idle much longer because the fall crops have to be planted.  The garden is almost weeded, the dead plants have been pulled, and it is time to till the boxes to get ready for collards, cabbage, kohlrabi, and some broccoli. One season turning into another--the cycle of life.

And the roving sailor will have plenty to do once the boat comes out of the yard and is at the marina.  There will be decks to be painted with non-skid, brass ports to be polished, teak to be varnished, and some wire brushing of the engine parts.  I will have to quell my desire to get everything done at once and practice the patience that I have learned in recovery. 

Soon the heat will be reduced to something in the 80's and maybe even in the 70's if we're lucky.  And that will make every job easier.  In the meantime,  I am not going to project about atmospheric disturbances off the Cape Verde Islands,  and what the last part of August and early September could bring.  This is a one day at a time program, and I'm going to stick to that.  In fact, I'm not going to think about hurricane season right now at all. 

Instead,  I'm going to go have a dinner of eggplant parmesana and insalata caprese, followed by some fresh watermelon.  Maybe we will actually eat dinner on the screen porch tonight.  Yes, there is just enough of a hint of fall in the air that it has me a bit wistful.  All good things will come in time.


  1. yes youve done a very good job of adapting to a new work arrangement. many suffer a great deal after leaving a life of work they were passionate about. yet another benefit of the programme. I am sooo glad you have such a rich and rewarding life outside of your work. very promising. the new boat is sooo cool. very exciting!

  2. I've looked at some of your earlier posts Syd, with photographs of your garden. It's so beautiful. Dinner on the porch sounds great. :) I like Autumn too.... and Spring. Those are my favourite seasons.

  3. Syd you obviously did not get the memo...Summer has been extended to February and spring is starting in April in 2911, Fall and winter have to share March.

    Slay not the messenger, just let it stay hot until February.

  4. Fall is my favorite time of year, too, Syd. The photo you posted is so lovely.

    I'm glad you have been taking it a little bit easy. That's what retirement is for. Enjoy! I'm living vicariously through you.

  5. most excellent...i love fall...and yes you have lots to keep you busy but make sure you enjoy the journey...

  6. :) sounds like a perfectly lovely experience!

    I was really excited that the humidity had dissipated a bit and there was a nice breeze in the air last night.

    Small plans and big dreams, the stuff of serenity. :)

  7. yum your dinner sounds fantastic.
    feels fallish here too, however, I heard it's going to be back in the 90s by Sunday. Good times.

  8. The ability to allow one's self to just relax and be is a gift.

  9. signs of fall are popping up in Wisconsin too. My gardens resemble the end of September rather than August. It's in the 70's now and the nights are cool enough for a light sweater. I love fall, and was happy to see you reflect on a memorable summer, and look forward to seeing pictures of your new boat as she progresses.....

  10. You're in a great place in life Syd and it shines clearly through your writing :-) Enjoy, my friend!

  11. you are a beautiful writer syd. love the idea of eating out on the porch but you gotta eat quickly around here with the mosquitoes!

  12. beautifully written post - the only peaceful thing in my day today. Thank you.

  13. Autumn is my favorite! Crunching leaves as I walk under a brilliant blue October sky.... LOVE IT. Now that I'm in SoCal, its a memory.... Fall for us is Blast Furnace Season, but our winters are kind of nice! I miss snow though.

    Dinner on the porch sounds so nice... so does your easing into your retirement. I hope you enjoy the process while getting your new boat ready.


  14. It seems to me that you accomplished much this summer, but I am not working and doing little but reading and cooking and blogging. Is the eggplant grown in your garden?

  15. Syd, I could almost taste the eggplant and smell the watermelon. I love the way you write and the way you think. Indeed, you have the right ideas and have taken so many positive things from your recovery.

    I'm learning much about how I fell off the codependency wagon last year after Stef died. I'm doing the one day at a time thing myself right now. Sometimes one minute at a time. But I'm determined to find the kind of peace in my soul that I was getting to before I lost my girl.

    It would be nice to see some pictures of your boat, as you work on it. I love sailing!

    Peace - D

    (p.s. - I sent you an invitation to the blog. Poetic License has gone private because of the situation with the ex)


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