Saturday, December 11, 2010


I have had three meetings on Step 12 this month. So today I called AA Intergroup to see if they might need an Al-Anon to talk to family members on a Twelfth Step call. They took the information down. If God intends for me to do such service, then the opportunity will come.

We added a few lights to the inside of the boat to decorate it fir Christmas. It is now festive inside with the holiday towels, mini-tree, and pine scented candles.

The rain has been coming down for most of the day. We fixed a pot of chili and some biscuits. It is great to be able to cook on a stove with enough room to have a crock pot, a full galley, and a dining table. Amazing how much more room there is on this boat than on our 22 footer.

Not much else going on here. I have enormous gratitude for the good people in my life. Not every day is blog worthy but every day is worthwhile.


  1. A pot of Chilli sound good especially on a cold and or rainy day.

  2. And may I shout out an "amen" to that?

  3. It looks really cozy. Glad you are enjoying the new boat!

    It's nice to be inspired to stretch the 12 step arms, and to be able to just throw out a line and be willing.

    Good stuff on a Saturday!

  4. The inside of your boat looks great and nice to see Christmas decorations. We had snow today and enjoyed being inside with hot meals and good books to read. It is nice of you to reach out to family members like you do.

  5. Remind me the size of your new boat, please.

    Thanks for your service work to AA. Very commendable and potentially quite helpful to someone.

  6. This pic reminds me of Christmases spent aboard my Dad's boat in the islands. The soft glow of the teak and the little tree and the lights. Such happy memories!

    I have wondered, will you keep your 22 indefinitely?

  7. You got that right...every day matters. The sweetness of your days are inspirationally serene. I'm glad you post them.

  8. I'd say chili and biscuits is enough for a chili, rainy Sunday. We are having the same weather here and I've decided on corned beef and cabbage. Enjoy your day, eat, and take a nap!


  9. Hi Syd: I am interested in your offer to the Intergroup. I think you would have an awful lot to share and just wanted to let you know how that would be handled in our area.
    I have been part of our Moore County Intergroup since 1990 so I've been part of it's ups and downs and learning experiences. We handle all the things that the single groups can't afford...such as Answering Service, Schedules, Website etc.
    When we get a request such as yours we give it to the District (which in our area covers 5 counties.) The Districts are the first link in the AA chain, and are much better equipped to put offers such as yours into being. They actually have public information material and aids from the General Service Org. of AA to help with this whereas Intergroups are service organizations and not a part of the AA structure.
    If you don't get any reaction from your offer I might suggest you contact the AA District in your area. I know you would have a great message and it needs to be heard.

  10. a simple, grateful life today, very nice Syd!


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