Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Back at the dock

We got back to the dock about an hour ago. It was a really good trip. Thank you for all the kind birthday wishes. I really appreciated your comments.

Although it rained most of the day yesterday, we used the time to read, watch a movie, and play some Scrabble.  Our movie "entertainment center" is pictured above. It's basically a minimalist look with the iPad strung on some line. Then we stream Netflix to it over a wireless network. If we want to watch a DVD, we use the Mac Book. A nice touch--movies in the V berth.

Today, the weather cleared enough to have a beach fire. The Citadel cadets who were out here for the Civil War re-enactment left fire wood and a number of pieces of plywood on the beach. So we built an A frame hut, had a fire and stayed out of the wind.

The fog started rolling in as we were about to leave the island.  Mysterious and quiet fog, reminding me of Carl Sandburg's poem:
The fog comes
on little cat feet.

It sits looking over harbor and city
on silent haunches
and then moves on.

Now we are back at the marina. Time to clean up the boat and get back to being home for a few days. I have several meetings with sponsees this week and at least two regular Al-Anon meetings. When I come back from a trip like this, I feel so good. It is like I have lived in another world for a few days. And like I have gone to a hundred meetings. Right now, things could not be better.


  1. nice...glad you came back refreshed syd....and had a good bday

  2. Also...a happy belated birthday to you ! Sounds like your trip was peaceful and wonderful :)

  3. sounds like heaven. just got back from a meeting today and it was wonderful

  4. I could totally handle living in another world for a few days.

  5. So is it all on battery? LOL Sorry, Im just not getting it. lol The farthest I go is to Starbucks with my laptop. I'm glad you are back and refreshed. :o)

  6. There is only one world Syd. A room with so many doors. You sir seem to pretty adept at finding the right door at the right moment. So how does it feel no that you have passed through the door marked "comfortable in your own skin?"

  7. Happy Birthday! I can relate to feeling like I've lived in another world for a few days. That's how I feel when my husband and I get up to "the land," particularly when we were "marooned" there in the snow between Christmas and New Year. It's wonderful to put life on pause. Love the "entertainment center!"

  8. a wonderful feeling indeed, and a great poem!

  9. Sounds like a nice trip. I like the monitor strung up in your cabin!

  10. You have gone to another world... one that I'd love to experience. I can do so vicariously by reading your blog entries. Thanks, Syd.

  11. Syd,

    As someone surrounded by land for about 1000 miles or more in all directions your writings about your boat and the sea is a pure joy to read.

    When we vacation often we try to get to the ocean when we can. It holds such fascination and wonder to us. At times when we found ourselves at a port or marina I wondered who are the lucky people that owned these beautiful vessels and had the life that enabled them to rest in their bellies.

    Now I know who those lucky people are, one of them is named Syd.


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